2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds

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I always enjoy the holiday season, and it has motivated me to create this new post.  I thought it would be helpful for some of the new members if I detailed some poppy seeds that are perfect for this holiday season.  Since it is a little bit late to purchase in time to reliably receive packages before Christmas, I decided to focus on detailing 2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds.  This post will give you a couple of great 2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds options.  Feel free to message me with any questions.

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This is a description of two of the best brands of poppy seeds that you can purchase to help enjoy the 2017 holiday festivities.  I include links below to purchase these poppy seeds.  The 2017 holiday shopping season has been extremely busy, and it has caused delayed shipping times for all of the large companies.  I encourage you to purchase your holiday poppy seeds as soon as possible to avoid having your order arrive on January 2.  That would be totally depressing!

Blue Bird Poppy Seeds

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Blue Bird Poppy Seeds are currently my favorite holiday poppy seeds, and they are sold by a company named Lone Goose Bakery.  I definitely feel comfortable recommending them as the top 2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds.  This is a relatively new brand of unwashed English poppy seeds, but it has taken the market by storm.  The owner has decided to place an emphasis on taking care of customers, and she is completely transparent.  The employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond.  These positive traits are unfortunately rare in the poppy seed market, and they have helped Lone Goose Bakery grow rapidly.  I hope that they continue to keep the same values.  I just checked their website, and their seeds are still in stock and guaranteed to arrive by New Year’s Eve if you purchase within the next few days.  I have included links below for some of their popular size options:

Poppy Seeds for Sale

1 Pound Package of Blue Bird Premium English Poppy Seeds

5 Pound Package of Blue Bird Premium English Poppy Seeds

10 Pound Package of Blue Bird Premium English Poppy Seeds

Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds

Poppy_icculus is another great seller of unwashed poppy seeds.  I recommend Blue Bird over Poppy_icculus because Blue Bird seeds are just as good in my experience and are priced much lower.  This vendor sells poppy seeds on the eBay marketplace.  Poppy_icculus focuses on selling to a specific segment of the poppy seed market.  They market primarily to poppy seed connoisseurs that can afford expensive and high-quality products.  They sell mainly to people looking for the highest quality unwashed poppy seeds.  As a result, his prices are a little higher than some of the others.  I have spoken with people who purchased these poppy seeds and were blown away.  If you are willing to spend the money, you can end up with some excellent unwashed poppy seeds.   Learn more about Poppy_Icculus seeds on my Poppy_Icculus Detailed Review & Analysis.

poppy_icculus ebay poppy seeds

5 Pounds of High Grade Tasmanian Unwashed Poppy Seeds – $189 + S&H

1 Pound of Tasmanian High Grade Unwashed Poppy Seeds – $48 + S&H


I hope that this post has helped you discover two great options of 2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds.  As stated above, you should place your holiday orders as soon as possible due to the shipping delays and company closures that occur during this time of the year.  Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

You can read more about these seeds on my Detailed Blue Bird Poppy Seed Review.

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2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds: Comments

Have you tried either of the two brands mentioned above?  Do you recommend any other brands for 2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds?  Please share your knowledge and experiences by leaving a comment below.  This is another great way to support the PSTR Community!

2017 New Year's Poppy Seeds: Celebrate the Right Way!
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2017 New Year's Poppy Seeds: Celebrate the Right Way!
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