Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates

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The recent price increases for unwashed poppy seeds have sent people looking for ways to reduce the amount that they consume.  There are several methods to potentiate or increase the strength and duration of poppy seed tea.  This post is dedicated to Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates.

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Agmatine Overview: What is Agmatine?

Agmatine is commonly used as a health supplement to help increase workouts and weight lifting.  It is naturally created from the chemical Arginine.  Agmatine worst first dicovered in 1910 by German scientist Albrecht Kossel.

Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates

People have started to consume Agamatine in larger numbers to help potentiate and strengthen the effects of opiates.  It also has the potential to reduce tolerance and make the effects last longer.  As the prices of unwashed poppy seeds continue to increase, I predict more people will be turning to this supplement to help save money.  It is a cheap way to enhance poppy seed tea.

How it Works

There have been several studies that look at the effects of Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates.  There needs to be more study on the method of action, but the results show that it definitely works.  Recent studies have even shown that it can inhibit opiate dependence and relapse in addicted individuals.

Purchase Agmatine on Amazon

I recommend purchasing Agmatine from Amazon rather than stores like GNC for several reasons.  The prices are much cheaper on Amazon, and you can read all of the reviews.  It is also more convenient than having to visit a local store.  One of the best prices for a good brand of Agmatine is Nutricost.  I have included the Amazon Link for a container that holds 100 servings of Agmatine.  The current price is under $15 with free shipping for Amazon customers.  It is definitely affordable.

Nutricost Agmatine 100 Grams – Pure Agmatine 100 Servings (Agmatine Sulfate) – High Quality Powder

There are other brands on Amazon, and I will start to provide some short reviews for the most popular brands in the near future.  Make sure to check out my Sunbest Unwashed Poppy Seeds Review.  If you are interested in unwashed poppy seeds.

Risks of Agmatine and Poppy Seed Tea

agmatine poppy seed tea

It is dangerous to consume opiates in large amounts, and it is also dangerous to consume poppy tea in large amounts.  Consuming Agmatine 30-60 minutes before consuming poppy seed tea or other prescription opiates will make them stronger, last longer, and potentially reduce tolerance.  This can make it even more dangerous for people that consume high levels.  This is why I recommend consulting with a doctor or healthcare professional prior to consuming Agmatine.

Food to Live Unwashed Poppy Seeds

There are several places that people can purchase unwashed poppy seeds.  I decided to include on of the highest rated brands that is sold on Amazon. Food to Live is an excellent brand of unwashed poppy seeds.  This is one of the few brands that is known for both quality and consistency.  They also have done a better job than most at keeping their product in stock.  I have included a link to their 4 pound bag of unwashed poppy seeds below.  The price is a bit high, but most people feel that it is definitely worth it!

Food to Live Poppy Seeds (England) (4 Pounds)

If you are interested in purchasing Food to Live, make sure you buy poppy seeds from England like the link listed above.  Food to live sells poppy seeds sourced from other countries, but England is by far the best!


I hope that this post has helped you learn more about using Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the Comments section below.

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Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates: Comments

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Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates: Reduce Poppy Tea Intake
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Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates: Reduce Poppy Tea Intake
Recent poppy seed price increases have caused people to look for ways to save money. Discover how people use Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates!
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