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Many American members of this community have struggled to find the best poppy seeds available in the states.  I created my List of the Top Poppy Seeds to help solve that issue.  Unfortunately, our brothers to the North have continued to have the same issue.  I’ve spent the last year searching for the Best Canada Poppy Seeds.  I discovered that the brands that ship to Canada are few and far between.  I am now confident that I have found the Best Canada Poppy Seeds, and I will detail them in this post.


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I want to clarify exactly what this guide contains.  The goal of this post is to inform Canadians about their best poppy seed option.  I have only analyzed bulk unwashed poppy seeds.  Although this post is called Best Canada Poppy Seeds, I actually focus on only one brand.  This brand is currently my favorite, and they recently started shipping to Canada.  I am very comfortable recommending these poppy seeds, and I include a link below to purchase.

Best Poppy Seeds Grown in Canada

I began my search for the Best Canada Poppy Seeds in the most obvious place, Canada.  I quickly discovered that there wasn’t a good option for a company selling Canadian poppy seeds (bulk or otherwise).  The Canadian government has highly regulated many agricultural commodities, and they are especially scrupulous with poppy seeds.

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A small glimmer of hope recently appeared when a start-up obtained government financing to grow and sell poppy seeds.  In drastic example of bureaucratic incompetence, the same government that funded the project rejected the application to commercialize the seeds in 2016.  The company continues to seek an exemption, but the chances of overturning the previous ruling appear slim.  As a result, the Canadians will continue to import their bulk seeds from other countries.

English Poppy Seeds

Since Canada lacked a domestic company, I began analyzing U.S. companies that sell high quality poppy seeds.  This was a simple task because it was already a primary function of this site.  A majority of the best seeds sold by U.S. companies are sourced from England, so I focused on American websites selling English seeds.  I hoped that at least one of these entities offered shipping to Canada at a reasonable price.  After literally months of searching, I was very close to giving up.  Suddenly, one of my favorite vendors announced that they were expanding their reach internationally, and they began offering shipping to Canada.  This company is Lone Goose Bakery, and they sell Blue Bird Poppy Seeds.

Best Canada Poppy Seeds – Blue Bird

If you are a member that regularly visits our PSTR Community, you are already familiar with Lone Goose Bakery.  This is a fairly new company that began selling Blue Bird Poppy Seeds in late 2017.  Their seeds began to rise quickly in popularity as word of the quality spread.  They have maintained a very high quality product and offer excellent customer service.  Blue Bird seeds are delicious, fresh, and shipping is quick.  The price is fairly high, but I still feel they are a good deal, and I know many others do as well.  I have included a link below for the Lone Goose Bakery website.

blue bird poppy seeds emblemBlue Bird Poppy Seeds

If you would like to learn more about these seeds, check out my Review of Blue Bird Seeds.  You can also watch my Lone Goose Bakery Video Review.

A Tip for Buying the Best Canada Poppy Seeds

If you decide to follow my best Canada poppy seeds recommendation by purchasing from Lone Goose Bakery, I have a tip that will save you a considerable amount of money.  Shipping small amounts (1-2 lbs) to Canada is expensive, even for locations in southern Canada.  The most efficient way to purchase is to place an order for 5+ pounds.  They are currently offering a discount code for Canadian customers.   You must be shipping the seeds to a valid address in Canada to be eligible for savings.  Use coupon code OCANADA during checkout to apply discount.


I have now discussed the current poppy seed situation in Canada and listed the brand that I currently consider the Best Canada Poppy Seeds.  These Blue Bird seeds also happen to be my personal favorite poppy seed brand in America.  I fully recommend this brand, and I hope that you will try them out.  I’m glad that Lone Goose Bakery has allowed my Canadian friends to partake in the same great seeds that we consume in the states.  If you have any questions, please post them as a comment at the bottom of this page.

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Best Canada Poppy Seeds: Comments

Are you a Canadian that has tried these seeds?  What do you consider the Best Canada Poppy Seeds?  Please post your perspective in the Comments section below.  I enjoy reading and responding to each one, thank you!

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    1. I haven’t found any significant companies located in Canada that sell unwashed poppy seeds. As a result, I have recommended one of the few companies that ships seeds to Canada at a reasonable shipping cost. If this changes, I will update this post.

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