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This is a current list of The Best Poppy Seeds for Poppy Seed Tea.  This list also includes in-depth reviews.  You can buy the highest quality unwashed poppy seeds straight from the list included below.  Poppy seed tea is a popular herbal tea that is made with the seeds of the poppy flower.  The seeds included on this list can be used to make the a very tasty batch of poppy seed tea.  Unfortunately, a majority of the seeds sold at grocery stores and online taste terrible and are a complete waste of money.   Consuming washed seeds will often result in a nasty chemical aftertaste.  In addition to the current list of the best poppy seeds, I have created a detailed guide that explains how to find other quality unwashed seeds.  It contains instructions on how to purchase seeds in grocery stores & online.  You can use this entire post as complete guide to buy quality unwashed poppy seeds.

It is important to remember that this post is for informational purposes only.  I do not recommend consuming poppy plants in any form.  Consuming the seeds regularly in large amounts can be dangerous and addictive.

Bookmark This Page

I highly suggest that you bookmark this page and check it consistently before ordering poppy seeds for baking or other purposes.  I update this list very regularly because quality can change rapidly.  Checking this will ensure that you purchase the best poppy seeds for poppy seed tea, and you won’t waste your money or time.

best seeds poppy seed tea


This is a list of the top best poppy seeds for poppy seed tea.  You can purchase many of these poppy seeds on Amazon.  This an unbiased list with unbiased reviews, and I do my best to keep them as accurate as possible.  As stated above, I update this list regularly to stay on top of frequent changes in quality.

This is a current list of the best poppy seeds for poppy seed tea.  I have updated this post as of April 17, 2019.  Good seeds are back, you just have to know where to look!

The Best Poppy Seeds for Poppy Seed Tea

best poppy seeds for poppy seed tea

Wow, this year (2019) has been another crazy one!  I have been trying out all of the brands these past couple weeks (post shortage) to continue providing current and accurate info.  Here is the resulting list of the best poppy seeds for poppy seed tea.  I have included lengthy notes to give additional information on each brand/vendor.  Many of these products have been reviewed dozens of times in detail, and the information build over time.  I have included product links in the appropriate sections.

#1 – Blue Bird Poppy Seeds

blue bird poppy seeds emblemBlue Bird Premium English Poppy Seeds

I continue to recommend Blue Bird Seeds at the top of my list.  Around early Feb 2019, these seeds went from great to even better.  I hope this continues through 2019!  My most recent 10 pound purchase of their seeds (received 4/15) were the best I’ve had in 2019!  I am not just saying that; you need to be prepared.  I would rate a 9.5 / 10 in terms of quality and taste.  I continue to advise everyone to stock up because you never know when there is going to be another seed shortage.  This is an area where I practice what I preach!  We all know what happened late last fall, and history is bound to repeat itself.

These Blue Bird seeds are sold by a rapidly growing company named Lone Goose Bakery.  I have found that this company is consistently the last to run out of high quality English poppy seeds during shortages, so they likely carry a sizable inventory.  Last Fall, I made my last purchase from them a full 2 weeks after SN shut down, and I still received quality BB seeds.  I panicked with the rest of you when they sold out, but I was pleasantly surprised when they were the first company that came back to end the shortage.

This company prides itself on offering the best customer service, and I love dealing with their management team.  All of my emails are answered within 24 hours (even on weekends).  That is unheard of with other poppy seed vendors.  They have always been extremely fair with me, and I have no doubt I can trust them.  They have continued to improve in other areas, and their turnaround time is the fastest available.    If you need seeds in a hurry, buy Blue Birds.  They process and ship orders placed before 2 pm the same day, and I always receive my packages 2 days after I purchase.  When I pay to upgrade to USPS Express, I get my orders in one day.  That is faster than Amazon!  Congrats to our neighbors up north, they are now shipping to Canada as well.

Blue Bird Poppy Seeds are still being sold through their own website.  When I asked about this, they said that it was to ensure that they had the best ability to take care of customers by controlling the entire buying process.   These seeds are a bit more expensive, but they last significantly longer than other seeds.  In my experience, the latest seeds have lasted me almost twice as long as other brands (you get what you pay for).  If you are new to BB seeds and want to try them, check out their new 1/4 lb Sample ($2 + S&H).   You can read more about these seeds on my Blue Bird Poppy Seed Review.


  • Top Quality
  • Consistency
  • Extremely Fast Shipping
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Open Saturdays, Reasonably Priced Overnight & International Shipping


  • Rising popularity may lead to future seed shortages
  • The price may initially appear to be high, but the quality and excellent customer service warrant the current cost, and it keeps me coming back for more.

#2 – Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds (UK)

Sincerely Nuts continues to hold down the #2 position.  I am glad that they are back to selling quality seeds, even if they have bad customer service.  BB seeds are still better and worth the higher price in my opinion.  If BB seeds lowered their price, I wouldn’t really need to list any of these other companies.  My most recent bag of SN was received 3/9/19, and I rated it a respectable 8 / 10.  Once again, this isn’t the best, but it is a solid alternative.

Other than customer service, one of the more recent downsides is the recent price increases.   Hopefully this will stop and we won’t have to worry about it getting any worse.  Make sure to remember that this ranking is for their United Kingdom seeds; the other varieties (Spain, Holland, etc.) are not good at all.  I am still very hopeful that they will boost their supply on Amazon and continue supplying decent seeds.  This is another brand that sold quality seeds through mid 2017, and then became inconsistent.  This was common for many of the big brands.

I will continue to recommend Sincerely Nuts, as long as they continue to sell good seeds.  The key is to find them in stock!  The Amazon link I included above was for the 4.5 pound bag, which is currently the most popular and economical size option available.  Once again, make sure to purchase the UK or English seeds and stay away from the Spanish and Dutch seeds!  You can read more about these seeds on my Sincerely Nuts (UK) Poppy Seed Review.


  • Reasonable Price Point
  • Sturdy Packaging
  • User-friendly Website


  • Recent Price Increases – same quality
  • Inconsistent Quality – Quality has varied over the past several months.
  • Customer Service – I consistently receive complaints about poor communication & customer service.
  • Slow & Expensive Shipping

#3 – Nut Cravings (England)

 Nut Cravings U.K. Poppy Seeds (1 lb)

Click Link Above to Purchase

Nut Cravings has definitely closed the gap with SN over the past few weeks.  I was pleased to discover that my most recent bag (opened 3/12) looked and smelled like English Seeds.  I would rate this batch of seeds at 7 / 10, definitely respectable.  The last time that I posted a review of these seeds in late 2018, they earned a score of 5.  Amazingly, that previous mediocre score made them the best at the time, which shows how bad the situation was and how far they have come.  This brand is fairly close to SN, but it lacks some of the strong bitter flavor profile that signifies really great seeds (like Blue Bird).

I still owe NC my gratitude for helping during the 2018 terrible seed shortage.  When all of the other brands were sold out of quality English Poppy Seeds, there were very few options.  None of those options were excellent.  Nut Cravings was one of the rare companies that filled this void.  I purchased several pounds of these NC seeds during the drought, and I am extremely thankful that I had them.  I will never forget it.

With all of that being said, it is nice to know that when S*** hits the fan, there are other options out there to supply all of us.  During the next shortage, I will do a better job of identifying these companies faster and passing the info on to all of you ASAP.

I realize that many members of this community are not able to afford the price point of the Blue Bird seeds.  If you don’t mind a lower quality product, and/or you are on a budget, I recommend these Nut Cravings Poppy Seeds.  They have done an excellent job of staying in stock on Amazon.


  • Reasonable Price Point
  • Stay in Stock on Amazon
  • Reliable Brand Selling English Seeds (during the recent shortage)


  • Average Quality
  • Occasionally Inconsistent

#4 – Food to Live Poppy Seeds (England)

Food to Live Poppy Seeds (England) (Kosher) (4 Pounds)

Click Link Above to Purchase

Frankly, there is a large gap between #3 and #4 on this list.  Food to Live has become comfortable in this position, and I don’t anticipate any improvement anytime soon.  Food to Live had shown some promise long ago, but it is quickly becoming a distant memory.  I don’t review these seeds as regularly, and my last April package earned a score of 4/10.  That is a small (but possibly significant) improvement over the last review I posted here.  I guess the best way to describe these seeds is “meh.”  If you lived in a country that only had this option, it would give you the possibility of having unwashed seeds (with a weird aftertaste).

The only bright spot is that they were available during the great seed shortage of October.  They have continued doing a better job of staying in stock on Amazon.  This is likely due to the drop in demand; it makes it much easier to avoid selling out when customer numbers drop.  I am disappointed in the quality, but I continue to have a glimmer of hope, even after all of the previous let downs.  I previously wrote that I hoped “they are back on the road to providing consistent and delicious poppy seeds.”  Not this time.

For those of you that are new to poppy seeds, FTL used to be known as the most reliable brand of poppy seeds.  The last time they provided consistent quality was mid 2017.  The new FTL is inconsistent and expensive, which is not a good combination. It would be great if Food to Live’s English Poppy Seeds would start maintaining consistency and excellent quality,but I am not holding my breath.  I would only purchase these seeds if you are in a pinch.  I know of several people that survived with these seeds during the shortage.  If you decide to purchase, make sure to buy their English poppy seeds, and stay away from the other Spanish and Australian options.  You can read more about these seeds on my recently updated Food to Live (England) Poppy Seed Review.


  • Occasionally High Quality
  • Stay in Stock on Amazon
  • Historically Strong Brand – Back in the day, this brand was known as a top brand.


  • Lower Quality
  • Expensive
  • Very Inconsistent


These brands have been previously mentioned on this list, but I do not recommend them, even in a desperate situation.  I do my best to explain why you should avoid these brands at this time.

SunBest Poppy Seeds

SUNBEST Whole Blue Poppy Seeds ( England ) in Resealable Bag (4 Lb)

SunBest previously held down the #5 spot on this list, and they were regularly listed in the Top 5 throughout most of 2018.  Things have definitely gone from bad to worse.  Early in 2018, SB supplied quality seeds and most people were happy with the quality at the given price point.  As the year progressed, the dreaded quality control issue began to rear its ugly head.  By late Summer, you had a 50/50 shot at getting good (or bad) seeds.  Unfortunately, the slide has continued.

My recent purchase arrived on March 1.  I maintained an open mind as I started analyzing the seeds for quality & taste.  I quickly realized that these seeds were not worthy of being listed as an option I recommend.  I am not even going to list a score, because it would be very low.

Now, it has gotten to the point where I have a hard time believing that these are seeds obtained from England.  If they are, they somehow contain the nasty peppery taste that signifies low quality non English seeds.  Either way, it is best to stay away from SunBest.  If anything changes, I will update this review accordingly and include them back on the list in their appropriate position.  Until then, choose Blue Bird or one of the other brands mentioned above.

In the near future, I will be updating my detailed SunBest Poppy Seed Review.

#5 – Anna and Sarah Poppy Seeds (England)

These seeds have been nearly impossible to find for the past 2 years.  If this continues, I will be removing them from this list.  Several of you have been lucky enough to have try Anna and Sarah (A & S) Poppy Seeds (England).  These poppy seeds were at the top of this list for a long time.  They have been out of stock for so long, I was forced to drop them to this position.  Anna and Sarah has continued to supply great unwashed poppy seeds, but it has been extremely difficult to find them in stock on Amazon.  As demand grew for their product, they decided to raise prices, and they have still not come back down.  Since this brand is excellent, I would stock up on Anna & Sarah Poppy Seeds if you ever find them back in stock.  If you join my newsletter, I will try to update everyone when excellent brands such as this one are back in stock.  Always remember to purchase the England option and stay away from the seeds sourced from other countries.


Unwashed Poppy Seeds from the Poppy Flower

The main two things to remember when searching for the best poppy seeds for poppy seed tea are to verify that the seeds are unwashed and obtained from the correct poppy plant.  I include this as the first and most important step in my detailed list on how to make poppy seed tea.  Purchasing one pound of seeds is plenty for your first time, but it might be best to consider buying a larger amount to get a better price.  This is especially true if you’re planning on brewing poppy seed tea more than once or sharing with others.  You will need to purchase a good brand of unwashed seeds, or the tea may taste disgusting.  Some brands are tastier than others and many of the brands are inconsistent.  Consuming unwashed seeds also has the benefit of avoiding some of the chemicals that are present in washed or radiated seeds.  Unwashed seeds also taste better to the average consumer.


best poppy seeds for tea

The seeds for poppy seed tea need to be unwashed and should be dark in appearance.  The color should be similar to the picture above; they should be dark blue, navy, or almost black.  Make sure the poppy seeds are actually labeled as unwashed. You can also look for crushed up bits of the pods or stems in the bag.  These small pieces are usually brown and are extremely little.  The seeds should have a rich earthy smell; they should smell like the outdoors.  They should not smell like chemicals.  I’ve even had some terrible seeds before that smelled like an air freshener.  Do not consume seeds that smell like that!

Best Poppy Seeds in Grocery Stores

I highly suggest purchasing the best poppy seeds for poppy seed tea online, but I still wanted to provide info for an alternative method for people who would like to buy them locally.  If you attempt to purchase the poppy seeds locally, the key is still to remember that they must be unwashed seeds.  Most of the “name brand” spice companies have washed seeds that are almost completely worthless for tea purposes.  A good example of that is McCormick’s.  Also, most large retailers do not carry unwashed poppy seeds.  Many of these national stores have already stopped selling bulk/unwashed poppy seeds because they have lost money from people stealing the product or they are worried about liability.   As a result, it is usually easiest to check the natural or health food stores first.    You may run into another common problem.  Local stores may carry the seeds, but they don’t have the item in stock.  Chances are that you won’t be the only person in your town/city looking for unwashed poppy seeds.  The stores also may carry unwashed seeds that are not very good, and you can end up wasting your money.  You could spend hours looking.  These potential issues are a few of the reasons why I suggest purchasing the seeds online.

Purchasing Seeds Online

As stated above, I highly suggest that you purchase the seeds online for several reasons.  It is usually easier, cheaper, quicker, and more discreet to purchase the seeds over the internet.  The list below will be a huge help in determining which seeds are currently the best.  If you follow this guide and order your seeds online, it may take a few days to arrive.  I have included the Amazon links below in order to ensure quick delivery.  All of the top seeds that I list are all available on Amazon.  You can purchase them by clicking on the links I provide on right side of this page or the links in the list section below.

Best Poppy Seeds for Poppy Seed Tea: Conclusion

Poppy seed tea continues to increase in popularity, and some of the poppy seed brands have become inconsistent.  This post has listed 6 of the Best Poppy Seeds for Poppy Seed Tea.  The top two brands mentioned above have set themselves apart from the rest.  Hopefully this post has helped you learn more about unwashed poppy seeds and where to find them.  If you have any questions about the best poppy seeds for poppy seed tea, feel free to send me a message.

Best Poppy Seeds for Poppy Seed Tea: Further Reading

If you are an experienced tea consumer, you can check out my simple guide, Poppy Seed Tea Recipe.

Check out my Complete Overview of Poppy Seed Tea.

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98 Replies to “Best Poppy Seeds for Poppy Seed Tea”

    1. It’s funny that you mention that, I have been getting really good 5 & 7 lb bags from Sincerely Nuts since early March until the last bag I got a couple of days ago on 5/22. It had an expiration date of 2/15/18 and it was not good at all. I actually did a double-take when I saw how light the water was. I’m getting ready to update this list and move SN down and FTL up to the top.

      Sincerely Nuts was my “go to” until Dec 2016 when they started having weak seeds. They have back up and now back down since then. I’ll keep the list updated to the best of my ability. I’m going to be trying several new brands in the coming weeks so I’ll see if there are any good ones. Hopefully SN or someone else can keep supplying the good seeds consistently.

      Thanks for the comment, it helps inform everyone!

    2. Just ordered to 5LB of Anna today. I also noticed We Got Nuts getting weaker. No longer getting that bite that you get after gulping a cup of the stuff down. I’m using my current stash to lower my tolerance.
      Thank you for keeping this up to date 😀

      1. Glad you got your Anna, they are sold out now. Luckily Sincerely Nuts is back with high quality seeds. They are keeping me busy with all of these changes in quality and all of these brands having trouble keeping poppy seeds in stock!

        1. I tried the Anna, and ZING! Boy the bitter and bite that is left in your mouth after gulping the tea down proves it’s amazing quality. Hadn’t had tea this good since Sam’s Club used to sell me their 10 pound box seeds.
          I noticed they were out of stock when I went to order another supply to stock up. But they are back in as of a few days ago so I ordered one box of 5lb to test to see if their new stock is any good. I will let you know when it arrives (sometime next week) how the quality is. Thanks for keeping this site up to date 🙂 We need you!

          1. @Randy
            Yes! The same as before. I noticed all of the Expiration dates were for Sept 2018, so they were most likely all from the same batch (even though they had to restock). I bought 20 more lbs.

  1. My last bag of sincerely nuts was garbage, I’m glad you dropped them lower on your list. WGN all the way!

    Have you heard anything about the EU limiting morphine levels in seeds?

    Thanks – Ron

    1. Ron,

      Sorry for my delayed response. I actually did hear rumors of the EU limiting morphine levels in seeds, but it was on Reddit and I’m not sure how reliable the info was. I have noticed a decline in the strength of the SN seeds, but WGN have actually gotten stronger. As a result, I think that if they are implementing some sort of alkaloid ceiling, then they are selectively enforcing it by brand. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else about a wider scale implementation.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Just ordered mine from we got nuts. I will let you know what I think. I have been using pst for about 2 years so I’m not a begginer. If it is better than the expensive trash I have been getting from the nodding turtle

    1. Just got my seeds from we got nuts. These seeds are the real deal. They are great and the bag is huge. They are my new brand fuck the nodding turtle and there expensive weak seeds

      1. I’m glad you liked them. That is my goal; I love saving people money and informing them. I’ll keep this post updated. I’m actually bumping up WGN to #1 right now! Let me know if you ever have any questions.


  3. So i just ordered a 6LB bag of we got nuts, im a daily drinker of PST but have only been using bobs redmill (i know there wea). When i make my tea with bobs redmill i use 6 of the 8oz bags and still barley feel it. How much do you suggest using of the WGN brand?? Also thanks for the posts im excited to try a brand that actually works.

  4. I just ordered 5lbs from The Nodding Turtle. They’re NO WHERE as strong as they were when I first bought them a couple years ago. They’re still stronger than anywhere else but not anywhere near what they were. They don’t have the oil content they used to have either.

      1. Hmmm Anna and Sarah ya say? I’m a lil skeptical only because the one time I ordered from them they were so fresh and so clean clean that I even questioned if they were papaver rhoeas instead of soms. That was August 3rd when I bought them. I know quality changes but mannn did I have the stomach cramps from this one lol!
        Thanks for the ref. I’ll give em another try.

        1. You have to get the right ones. The ones they sell in the bag are worthless. You MUST get the Anna and Sarah England 2.5 lb or 5 lb jar. The English seeds are sold in jars only. If you get the wrong ones, they are no good.

  5. If you’re stuck with a weak bag of WGN, what’s that best way to prepare a stronger batch without drinking a bunch of extra water? Meaning, I don’t want to drink 4 cups of water (and 4 cups of seeds) to get the same result I would usually get from 2 cups of water (and 2 cups of seeds). Can I just use 2 cups of water on 4 cups of seeds?

    1. Yes, you can try reducing the amount of water. You just need to make sure that all of the seeds are able to come into contact with the water. Also make sure to add lemon juice and shake the hell out of it! Hopefully this helps!

  6. Hi,
    Thank you so much for providing this information. I make poppy seed tea from time to time for chronic lower back pain and I like to find the most potent seeds so I can save money and consume the smallest amount needed to achieve theraputic results. I took your advice and I ordered some Food to Live seeds, which you recommended. I received them today and they proved to be some of the most potent seeds that I’ve ever used. Your reviews are spot on! Take care.

  7. I got a FTL (English) delivered yesterday. Is there a chance they have a bad batch? It seemed very similar in appearance and effect to the recent bad batches of WGN I had. It did almost nothing for my severe lower back pain.

    1. I tried it once and it was terrible. It was a year or so ago, though. I don’t think they have gotten any better. I’m finishing up a post tonight that will show some awesome seeds on eBay, so you should def check it out if you are looking for some great unwashed seeds!

    1. Not yet, WGN is still hit or miss. I’m actually finishing up a post tonight that will show the best unwashed seeds on eBay. This site is becoming so popular that it is causing shortages. I’ll make sure to always stay on top so I can refer you to great unwashed poppy seeds that are in stock. I just got some Sun Best in the mail that were pretty good, but I think their packages are hit or miss as well.

  8. Did you notice WGN price hike? My last order was September 7, and went to reorder this morning and it has gone up $80/50#? Is this price comparable now to the other top brands?

  9. Sincerely Nuts is no longer selling on Amazon. I asked them the other day. Have you noticed they jacked the price up on the U.K. seeds? From $4.99/lb to $10+/lb. They are now selling Spanish seeds for $4.99/lb. Apparently the UK yield was extremely low this year.

    If by chance you have tried the Sincerely Nuts Spanish seeds, how do they compare to the U.K. seeds we’ve grown accustomed to?

  10. Should maybe make a “Not Recommended” list. So, when everyone good one is out and people NEED something and try other brands they know what was tried already that haven’t worked. Thanks for everything you do! And I can confirm IS from spain is a big DO NOT BUY.

      1. Have you tried the Spanish seeds from SN? I ordered some on accident and cancelled after reading poor reviews!
        I am so happy to have found your site!

  11. It’s quite frustrating now much the price has gone up on all seeds!
    WGN and SN are $300 for a 5# bag on eBay!
    I also just paid $50 for Anna & Sarah’s, which is expected tomorrow and I cannot wait! Little pricey!
    Hopefully amazon will supply SN once their holiday is over! They were closed for almost a month!
    I am gonna have to lower the amount I use due to the price hike!
    I also have 2 bags of WGN on backorder and one bag of SN on backorder!
    So annoying as well since they were in stock when I purchased but apparently outdated so they had to shit can them! Should have had all 3 orders already!
    Can’t wait till it’s easy to get them again and hopefully at a reasonable price!
    Thanks for all the great info! 😀

  12. Not a question but rather some comments!
    I’ve been at this for quite a while and know good seeds from bad!
    I didn’t know Anna’s was good and ordered some that I’ll receive tomorrow! Cannot wait to try them! Not impressed it was $50 for 5#
    I hope amazon can keep good quality and decent priced seeds on the shelf soon! It’s getting hard to find good seeds that are affordable!
    Anyone see how much 5# is going on eBay?
    $180-$300- craziness!

    1. Anna and Sarah’s are the best right now! Hands down! I purchased another 5# at $50 and noticed today the price went up to 58.99 for 5#! I sure hope this price increase is only temporary!
      SN went from $27.99 to $66 over night from another place I’ve been ordering from! Not Amazon or eBay! But I’m seriously 😒!

  13. What about Australia’s Food To Live? Any chance they’re better than some of the recent “previously great;now crap” seeds? I know to stay away from Spanish seeds but would like an opinion

    1. I just sent you a detailed email, thanks for the comment. In short, stay away from Australia seeds and stick to this list or my list of the best seeds on ebay:


      1. Just in case others read this post: I cancelled the order from Australia. I ended up making a couple smaller purchases from EBay though I couldn’t tell you what brand they were as they came in store bought storage bags, and unfortunately weren’t very good.
        I drink the tea for my chronic pain so it REALLY sucks when they turn up not being any good :'(

  14. I recently purchased off of eBay “laughing llama unwashed seeds” and was highly disappointed. The seller supplies a photo of the rinsed water from his seeds and let me tell you, this is a lie. The seeds are clearly washed. Throughly. I opened an eBay case because the seller refused to refund me ($65 plus $13.60 shipping for 5lb). Finally got my refund and eBay paid shipping. I wish I could upload a screenshot of this sellers messages to me. He cussed me out, told me to drink bleach, kill myself, called me a drug addict, nonetheless I forwarded this to eBay and reported him. AVOID THIS GUY (Laughing Llama) he also took off my feedback, he has no history on eBay.

  15. Amazon had nearly all brands of good seeds a couple weeks ago, and now they are back to almost nothing, what is going on? Prices remain inflated, I believe this is how things will be for a very long time, until unwashed seeds are simply gone… how unfortunate for those of us who appreciate PST. What about the Luxycorp brand with the fake reviews? You gave them a very good score but I have seen nothing but 1 star reviews, and their price is exorbitant.

  16. Im new to this pst and have no opiate resistance first of all…
    Luxycor was bought by me 2 wks ago because of your recommendation (the annas you recommended was really good) and it was stripped clean and of no use , I told them it was obviously appeared washed (lack of debris rinse water appearance) and even had to respond to their email counterclaim that they werent washed with finally an admission that I was sure they were because they had no physical effect when “consumed”.
    They thanked me for my “loyalty” I guess because I told them Im not going after my 20 bucks.

      1. just warning everyone about the european special reserve currently being sold at the nodding turtle is the WORSE seeds i’v had EVER, talking flu symptoms bad! i’m really pissed as well because i’v been doing business with nick (the owner) since he first started and i’m very disappointed in him selling this junk to people. i was a seed tester for him in years past and have always been happy, but if taz sr is still out of stock, DON’T BUY ANYTHING ELSE! he posted a note a few days ago saying he found another source for taz sr, but hadn’t received a sample to test the quality. good luck and happy holidays to all!

  17. In the last month I’ve tried blue bird, skittles, kalifonia, from eBay, and we got nuts directly. Sadly nothing even close to the good old days ie sn with 9/11/17 experation…. god I misssss the take a sip and nod days. Hope they come back. Thanks mr McPoppy for your efforts to keep us up to date.

    Guess I’m gonna have to build a flower patch…….

    1. Rob,

      Thanks for your comment. I have had luck recently with Blue Bird, Anna & Sarah (sold out) We Got Nuts (sold out), and Sincerely Nuts. We Got Nuts and Anna & Sarah is (and have been) sold out because their seeds have been pretty good. I know others that have liked those brands recently as well. I agree though that some of the seeds of the past were pretty awesome!

  18. I’ve been at this game for a while (I drank my first batch of PST around 2003), and the one thing I’ve come to learn about all of the various brands that you can get online and in stores is that the quality is wildly inconsistent. Until I discovered TNT a few years ago, I use to cycle through Sincerely Nuts, Food to Live, and We Got Nuts brands from Amazon and roughly half the time they would come up bunk. I really doubt that these companies test the seeds for narcotic properties. I’m pretty sure TNT does and hands down they have been the most consistent of any that I’ve tried in spite of their latest shitty batch of the European Reserve (which has never been anywhere near as good as the Tasmanians anyway). Unfortunately they’ve jacked up the price so I might have to look elsewhere. I’m currently getting decent results with Spice Island brand from GFS but that stuff doesn’t stay consistent for long.

    I really miss the good old days when you could get pods off of ebay.

    1. Same situation here! I used TNT for years. When I got the European Reserve I was pisses! They have a new batch of Tasmanian but I’m reluctant to buy. They are expensive and have no reviews. I buy 10 lbs at a time, I use them for my autoimmune disease that causes widespread chronic pain. So I worry about the quality. If the seeds suck, I’m stuck in bed unable to walk because of the pain.

  19. Update? Just got sincerely nuts in the past week and it was still good. Waiting on my blue bird. Supposed to be delivered today.

  20. This guy really knows his stuff! Anyone who is a novice should take the time to go through this site and read any and all info. It takes a bit of time especially sifting through all the adds but it’s worth it and I can see why the adds would be needed so Brandon can keep up the good work.

  21. Ya I’m bummed about TNT too. What a let down. I honestly think he is using the so called “european special reserve ” and marketing as Tas.

  22. I only recently came across your website. I’ve wasted a lot of money trying to find alternative products on my own during the past several months. Thank you for the great resource!

  23. so do u use lemon juice for the citric acid? i have been using mt.dew and have nvr tried lemon juice…jst wondering everyones thoughts?

  24. It looks like quite a few good brands are having fewer stock issues this week. Do we have hope that the shortage is at an end? My last bag of FTL was amazing. Better than anything I’ve had in months. I just saw they have 2,4, and 8lb bags available today. Thanks again for the site info! Since starting PST, I’ve been able to taper back my prescriptions and have fewer side effects.

  25. SunBest poppy seeds are of poor quality. They are NOT good enough for tea recipes. Definitely not worth the inflated price of 4lb for $50.

  26. Another update. I was looking at FTLs amazon page, as of June 21st they’ve pulled every size of English seeds except 1 and 2 lb bags due to “customer complaints of poor quality”. So at least they have been paying attention to the terrible reviews. I ordered another 2 lb bag since I know now that it’s quality.

  27. Where have you been? Hope all is well we all need your guidance!!! Hope all is well! Last couple of food to live 4 & 8lb English poppy seeds were very sub par!!! Hurry back it’s been 6 weeks since your last update.

  28. I’ve been ordering bluebird consistently since March and I am very impressed with the quality it has not wavered at all. The only complaint I have is I had one box damaged all the way to the inner package. I was able to salvage a lot but did not receive a response when I reported the damage to them. I was not impressed with this. For the price I would expect some customer loyalty etc.

  29. Hey Brandon great info!
    Are the blue birds still good? What’s good now in August?
    I’m trying to find a reliable substitute for a $100 a day roxy habit… too expensive 🙁

    1. I had a couple people say they received mediocre bags of Blue Bird a few weeks ago, but it was isolated and they actually reshipped new bags. All of my packages have been greeeeat, especially the last couple. They offer the best customer support. I just made a video review for their seeds and I’m trying to get a special BB discount code for our community. Good luck with everything!

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