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This post lists the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds.  It includes full details, reviews, and a link to buy them straight from Amazon.  I also included a guide for finding the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds locally.

I created a summary of the ways that The Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds can be used.  This is for readers that aren’t familiar with the potential uses of unwashed poppy seeds.  It goes into the details of using the best unwashed poppy seeds for baking, for making poppy seed tea, etc.

If you would like to see a current ranked list, I suggest reading my Top List of Best Poppy Seeds for Tea.

Find the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds: eBook

poppy seed tea book

If you would like to learn more about finding the best unwashed poppy seeds, check out my new book!  It includes specific information on finding unwashed poppy seeds, and it also lists ways to make poppy seed tea.  This is a great way to support the PSTR website and help it grow!  You can click the link below to purchase the book, or click the image above to learn more.  I appreciate your support!

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This is the list for The Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds.  All of these poppy seeds can be purchased on Amazon, and I included the links below.

  1. Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds
  2. Food to Live Poppy Seeds

Sincerely Nuts Unwashed Poppy Seeds

Sincerely Nuts Whole Blue Poppy Seeds 3LB Bag

This is the 3 lb bag of Sincerely Nuts unwashed poppy seeds.  This is currently the top brand of unwashed poppy seeds.  They have a high quality product for a low price.  Other poppy seed brands have become inconsistent, and they have started providing washed and low quality seeds.  Sincerely Nuts is one of the two brands remaining that have consistently supplied the best unwashed poppy seeds.  They are in the #1 position because they have maintained their low price point.  You can read my full Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Review for more information.

Food to Live Unwashed Poppy Seeds

Food to Live Poppy Seeds (England) (4 Pounds)

This is the 4 lb bag of Food to Live unwashed poppy seeds.  This brand is also known for its consistency and is extremely high quality.  In this case, you must pay for that quality. The Food to Live poppy seeds are expensive, even compared to the comparable We Got Nuts seeds.  As long as you choose one of these two brands, you will end up with the best unwashed poppy seeds.


This information will help you learn where to find the best unwashed poppy seeds locally.  I always suggest purchasing seeds online, and the Amazon links I listed above will take you to the check out pages.

Finding Seeds Locally

I always suggest purchasing unwashed poppy seeds online for several reasons.  The primary reasons include the cheaper prices found online and the ease of shopping and purchasing from a website.  Some people have asked me about purchasing poppy seeds in stores.  The best place to look locally is usually a health food store.  Most large grocery stores only sell washed poppy seeds.  When you check the health food stores, make sure that you are purchasing the correct species, Papaver somniferum.  Also, verify that the seeds are unwashed.  Unwashed seeds should be dark in appearance, they should have an earthy smell, and they may have small pieces of plant material mixed in.

Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds: Uses

Unwashed poppy seeds can be used for several uses.  Many bakers use unwashed poppy seeds, because they offer a better flavor profile than washed poppy seeds. The unwashed poppy seeds can also be used to make poppy seed tea.  Poppy seed tea is a drink that contains opiate alkaloids found in unwashed poppy plants.  This tea can be addictive and dangerous if consumed in high amounts.


best unwashed poppy seeds tea

Hopefully this post has helped you learn about the best unwashed poppy seeds.  Now you should know where to find them and what they can be used for.  If you have any questions, please share it in the comments section below.


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Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds: Comments

Do you have any tips or questions dealing with the best unwashed poppy seeds?  Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds
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  1. Since it is currently getting harder to find great seeds in stock on Amazon, do you have other places to look for seeds? Thanks in advance!

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