Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review

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This is the video edition of my Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review.  You can purchase Blue Bird Poppy Seeds in one place, the Lone Goose Bakery website.  This is a condensed version of my full written review.

Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review | Future Updates

If you would like to learn more about these seeds, I highly suggest visiting the written Blue Bird Review that I mentioned above.  I update that post regularly to reflect any changes.  These poppy seeds have been consistently high quality, but it is always good to stay informed.

Lone Goose Bakery Useful Information

Lone Goose Bakery currently sells their poppy seeds in the following package sizes:

They currently offer overnight shipping and they also ship to Canada.  They offer the fastest shipping out of any other seed companies due to their quick turnaround time.  Check out their Shipping Policy for detailed delivery estimates.

Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review | Conclusion

I hope that this video edition of my Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review has helped you become familiar with these great seeds.  Lone Goose Bakery has become my most trusted seller, and I look forward to watching them continually improve.

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Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review | Comments

Have you recently purchased seeds from Lone Goose Bakery?  Do you agree with this Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review?  How would you rate the current quality?  Thanks for providing useful feedback and continuing to expand the PSTR Community!

Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review
Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review

This is the video version of my Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review. Blue Bird Seeds are sold by Lone Goose Bakery. Discover how to purchase these delicious seeds!

8 Replies to “Blue Bird Poppy Seeds Review”

  1. Glad you guys are back posting video reviews again, keep them coming! I just tried blue bird seeds and I love them. Is their express shipping the same as overnight? My last package got here 2 days after I purchased, and I didn’t even pay extra for shipping.

    1. Glad you liked them! Their express shipping is overnight shipping for 90%+ of their customers. They have a link to their shipping times on the product pages, or at least they used to. LGB shipping is so fast, I usually don’t have to consider paying extra to expedite. Hope this helps!

  2. Brandon, I have been following your reviews and tried the blue bird seeds and found you were absolutely right, they are the best… but even staying on top of my order statuses, they have run out and I’m not sure when they will return. Any other suggestions until they are restocked?

  3. What do you think about their New unwashed seeds? They have these New seeds from a different farm but still in England. I’ve tried them since they were out of their original and I am so disappointed. But you are the expert, please let me know what you think. I’m in need of seeds due to hurricane Michael, he really messed me up. Thank you

    1. Those Lone Goose Bakery seeds from late October were lower quality. At the time, they were struggling to find a replacement supplier, which is why they created a new listing.

      Fortunately for all of us, the drought is over and Blue Bird seeds are back and A++++ Quality. If you haven’t tried them recently, you def should. I’ve got some in front of me right now, and they are the BOMB dot com!

      Thanks for the comment! ~ Brandon

  4. I am relatively a new customer but I have found customer service has been outstanding. Had a problem with the shipment that was damaged and it was handled the very next day also the product I’ve been getting has been improving Almost every shipment. Please don’t get greedy good product is good customers they will be loyal to you if you’re loyal to them.

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