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Our PSTR team has been surprised with the huge number of incoming emails that referenced how to buy poppy seed tea.  I had a hunch that it had something to do with the recent shortage of quality English poppy seeds.  The rate of these emails peaked in early November, and I don’t think that is a coincidence.  Although the new harvest has arrived, and the bad times appear to be in the rear view mirror at least for the remainder of 2018 (fingers crossed), I thought it would be valuable to address this topic now.  This should reduce the number of people trying to Buy Poppy Seed Tea during the next drought.

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This simple guide will discuss some of the main aspects to help you decide whether to try to buy poppy seed tea.  I have done my best to provide this information in an easy and entertaining fashion.  If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Comments section at the bottom of this page.

Overview: Buy Opium Poppy Seed Tea

Before we go any further, I wanted to define the subject of this post in greater detail.  This guide is focused on Opium Poppy Seed Tea.  Several species of poppy seeds exist, and all of them can be used to make different types of poppy seed tea.  I have decided to focus on the tea derived from the opium poppy plant, because it is the most controversial preparation.

If you are looking for info on buying the slightly less popular California Poppy,  just know that I recommend making your own herbal teas.  The California poppy seed tea is 100% legal, but it is still difficult to find in any forms other than tinctures.

Can you Buy Poppy Seed Tea in Grocery Stores?

It is virtually impossible to find any forms of poppy seed tea in grocery stores, and this is especially true for opium poppy seed tea.  Any physical grocery store that allows you to buy poppy seed tea made with the opium poppy plant would be in violation of federal law, and they would be quickly shut down.  I’m sure they would also have a few lawsuits to contend with as well.

Some health food stores do sell poppy seed tinctures, but they are derived from one of the other species of poppy plants.  They are usually concentrated and sold in small bottles that are fairly expensive.

In summary, can you buy poppy seed tea in grocery stores? NO.

Can you Buy Poppy Seed Tea Online?

We all know that you can buy pretty much anything online.  It still always amazes me when I see people brazenly trying to sell illegal drugs or other narcotics over the internet.  Many of these websites are hosted overseas, but there are several located in the U.S. as well.

Many of the factors impacting physical grocery stores also affect e-commerce sites.  Similar to grocery stores, any website that sells opium poppy seed tea is in violation of federal law.  They will still be shut down, but it isn’t always as quickly as physical stores.  These websites are constantly popping up and getting shut down, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Several websites market the poppy seed tinctures that are NOT derived from the opium poppy.  These are legal, and they appear to be growing in popularity.  Some of the tinctures are mixed with valerian or other natural compounds, and they are marketed as supplements to treat anxiety.

In summary, can you buy poppy seed tea in online? MAYBE, but not legally.

Legal Status of Buying Poppy Seed Tea

illegal buy poppy seed tea

You probably already have an idea of the direction that this section is going to take, just by viewing the image I have included above.  It is illegal to attempt to sell or buy opium poppy seed tea.  The mixture would be a Schedule II narcotic in the United States, due to its content.  This is why I recommend staying far far away from purchasing poppy seed tea.  When it comes to deciding whether or not to buy poppy seed tea, just say NO!  It doesn’t matter whether it is online or in store.

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I hope that this post has helped you decide not to attempt to buy poppy seed tea.  I have provided several reasons to avoid purchasing poppy seed tea, and it is definitely not worth the risk.  There are plenty of other ways to enjoy poppy seeds that are legal and less risky.

This is a good place to announce the subject of my upcoming posts.  Our PSTR team has decided to spice up this community and expand it by writing posts dedicated to cooking/baking with poppy seeds.  We figured it is the perfect time, as we get closer and closer to the holiday season.  Who knows, maybe you will find a new and unique recipe you would like to try this Christmas!

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