Kratom for Poppy Seed Tea Withdrawal

kratom for poppy seed tea withdrawal


The current increase in the price of unwashed poppy seeds has resulted in many people cutting back on their consumption of poppy seed tea.  This can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.  Luckily, there are ways to minimize these unpleasant effects.  Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree that is found in Southeast Asia.  The leaves of this powerful tree have been used for centuries as an alternative to opiates.  Kratom leaves can be purchased in several forms, and they are commonly sold online.  Although it is banned in a few states, it is still a legal alternative in many parts of the United States.  This post details how people use Kratom for Poppy Seed Tea Withdrawal.

This post does not contain medical advice.  You should consult with a healthcare professional prior to consuming kratom or any other herbal tea.

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Poppy Thebaine

poppy thebaine


Most people are familiar with the two primary opiate compounds found in Poppy Seed Tea, morphine and codeine.  Both of these compounds can be obtained via prescription medications in most countries.  There is another compound that is found in the poppy plant that is less familiar, and it is thebaine.  This post is dedicated to providing information on Poppy Thebaine, a potentially toxic opiate found in Poppy Seed Tea.

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Poppy Flower Seeds

poppy flower seeds


There are several different varieties of Poppy Flower Seeds, but this post focuses on the main type.  These Poppy Flower Seeds are derived from the most popular and valuable poppy plant, Papaver somniferum.  This poppy plant is also known as the opium poppy because it contains several powerful opiate alkaloids.  Many people are searching for information pertaining to these seeds because they are looking for an alternative for their pain medications.

Poppy flower seeds are legal in most countries, but they are illegal in some countries such as UAE and Singapore.  The countries banning the sale of poppy flower seeds are located in the Middle East, and they primarily ban the seeds sue to the morphine content.  Make sure to check your local laws and regulations pertaining to poppy flower seeds prior to purchasing the seeds in bulk.  In many places it is illegal to plant the seeds, especially if you are planning to harvest raw opium from the plants. Continue reading “Poppy Flower Seeds”

Poppy Seeds for Planting: Purchase Poppy Seeds Here

poppy seeds for planting


The Papaveraceae Family, also known as the “Poppy Flower Family” has several different species.  This post looks at some of the most popular species included in the Papaveraceae family, and includes links and reviews for some seed providers.  They all will make excellent poppy seeds for planting.  One of the most popular species in this family is the Opium Poppy Plant, Papaver Somniferum.  Continue reading “Poppy Seeds for Planting: Purchase Poppy Seeds Here”

Papaver Somniferum: An Ultimate Guide to the Opium Poppy

papaver somniferum


Papaver somniferum is also known as the opium poppy plant.  It is a flowering plant that is a member of the Papaveraceae family.  This family is known as the poppy family, and Papaver somniferum is the most popular member.  The opium poppy plant is the most popular member because it is the most commercially viable.  The plant is used to make several important medications which are primarily used to fight pain. Continue reading “Papaver Somniferum: An Ultimate Guide to the Opium Poppy”

Grow Poppy Plants: Garden Quality Poppy Flowers

grow poppy plants


Poppy plants are known for the beautiful appearance and bright flowers.  This guide can be used to grow poppy plants, including the opium poppy plant Papaver somniferum.  Make sure you know your local laws and regulations prior to planting the opium poppy plant.  In the United States & Canada, it is illegal to plant this flower without the proper government license/permit.  You may still see neighbors that have planted the opium poppy, but they are technically breaking the law.  Do not use this guide to illegally grow poppy plants, that is not what I want this guide to be used for. Continue reading “Grow Poppy Plants: Garden Quality Poppy Flowers”

Opium Poppy: Complete Guide

opium poppy


The opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum, is a flower plant that is a member of the Papaveraceae Family.  The Papaveraceae Family is informally known as the “poppy family” because it contains over 700 species of flowering poppy plants.  The opium poppy plant is perhaps the most popular member of this family.  It is used to create opium, which is why it has earned the name, the “joy plant.”  You can learn all of the main facts about the opium poppy below, including info on how to make Opium Poppy Tea. Continue reading “Opium Poppy: Complete Guide”