Thanksgiving Poppy Seeds

thanksgiving poppy seeds

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for food and family.  I always enjoy this season, and I look forward to it more every year.  This year, I have decided to try out some new pastry recipes that utilize poppy seeds.  I will be including some of my favorites after I get feedback from others, but I thought I would begin documenting my experiences here.  I decided a good place to start would be to discuss where to buy the best Thanksgiving Poppy Seeds. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Poppy Seeds”

The Drought is Over….

poppy seed update

Hello everyone!  I wanted to take the time to write a post updating the current status of:

  1. The PSTR Community Update
  2. Unwashed Poppy Seed Availability

This will be a less formal version of many of our informative guides that make up this amazing web based resource.  With all of that being said, I believe it is time to get started…. Continue reading “The Drought is Over….”

Rosh Hashanah Poppy Seeds Guide 2018

rosh hashanah poppy seeds

This is a simple post meant to notify all of the PSTR members that there is a significant holiday coming up that will affect most seed companies.  Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is celebrated around this time every year.   Rosh Hashanah is Hebrew for Head/Beginning of the year.  Many seed and nut companies are owned by Jewish families, and they close down during this period.  This includes some of the online seed brands I recommend on my Best Unwashed Poppy Seed List. Fortunately, you have discovered this Rosh Hashanah Poppy Seeds Guide.

Continue reading “Rosh Hashanah Poppy Seeds Guide 2018”

Best Canada Poppy Seeds

best canada poppy seeds


Many American members of this community have struggled to find the best poppy seeds available in the states.  I created my List of the Top Poppy Seeds to help solve that issue.  Unfortunately, our brothers to the North have continued to have the same issue.  I’ve spent the last year searching for the Best Canada Poppy Seeds.  I discovered that the brands that ship to Canada are few and far between.  I am now confident that I have found the Best Canada Poppy Seeds, and I will detail them in this post.

Continue reading “Best Canada Poppy Seeds”

2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds

2017 new years poppy seeds


I always enjoy the holiday season, and it has motivated me to create this new post.  I thought it would be helpful for some of the new members if I detailed some poppy seeds that are perfect for this holiday season.  Since it is a little bit late to purchase in time to reliably receive packages before Christmas, I decided to focus on detailing 2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds.  This post will give you a couple of great 2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds options.  Feel free to message me with any questions. Continue reading “2017 New Year’s Poppy Seeds”

English Poppy Seed Harvest

english poppy seed harvest


As many of you already know, the prices for unwashed poppy seeds have increased rapidly over the past few months.  I have previously discussed the reasons for the increase in prices, but i am still receiving questions regarding prices.  I decided to write this post to update everyone about the 2017 English Poppy Seed Harvest.  I hope that it can help clarify the current situation and make people feel more at ease.

Check out my separate post that Lists the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds for Tea.  I update it regularly and just finished revising it again this morning. Continue reading “English Poppy Seed Harvest”

Poppy Seeds Opiates

poppy seeds opiates


Many people are familiar with poppy seeds, but they are surprised to discover that there are unwashed poppy seeds opiates.  The amount of poppy seeds opiates can vary depending on several factors.  I go into detail discussing this topic below, and I include a link to purchase high quality unwashed poppy seeds on Amazon.

This post does not contain medical advice, and consuming large amounts of unwashed poppy seeds can be dangerous.

Learn all about the basic facts of Poppy Seed Tea on my related post Continue reading “Poppy Seeds Opiates”

Poppy Seeds Grocery Store


This site is exploding with traffic and many people are discovering the best places to find unwashed poppy seeds.  If you are familiar with this site, you should already know that I highly suggest purchasing unwashed poppy seeds online for several reasons.  Some people continue to purchase unwashed poppy seeds locally, and they search for Grocery Store Poppy Seeds.  This post is dedicated to finding the best unwashed Grocery Store Poppy Seeds.

Check out my review for Nut Cravings Poppy Seeds! Continue reading “Poppy Seeds Grocery Store”

Price of Unwashed Poppy Seeds: Recent Increase

price of unwashed poppy seeds


I have been flooded with emails regarding the current Price of Unwashed Poppy Seeds.  For those of you that already don’t know, the price of unwashed poppy seeds from the large brands increased rapidly, all at the same time.  Discover the reasons for the current Price of Unwashed Poppy Seeds in this post.

Discover my List of the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds. Continue reading “Price of Unwashed Poppy Seeds: Recent Increase”