Poppy Seed Tea Book: A Complete Guide


poppy seed tea book

I recently completed my first eBook, and it is dedicated to Poppy Seed Tea.  This is the first and only book dedicated to Poppy Seed Tea, and it contains all of the main facts for this powerful tea.  This eBook includes two detailed methods for making Poppy Seed Tea, and it also lists the benefits and side effects.  This is the primary way to support the PSTR Community.

Due to popular demand, I am currently selling this book at a reduced price for the first 1,500 customers.  The regular retail price will be $20.00.


poppy seed tea book review

I decided to include some reviews for people that have recently purchased the book.  These are all unbiased reviews from real people that have purchased the book.  I have only included their last initial for privacy reasons.  To the people that have submitted reviews: I sincerely appreciate your feedback and will continue to read your responses.

Sarah F. – Detroit, Michigan

I was in a dark place when I first purchased this eBook on Amazon.  I was skeptical that poppy seeds could be used to make something to help with my chronic knee pain.  I am so glad that I found it and I read the whole book in one day!  I learned that this really works, and it ended up being the best $10 I have spent in a long time…

Gregory S. – Boston, Massachusetts

I was already familiar with poppy tea when I bought this eBook from the Poppy Seed Tea Recipe website.  This book changed my life and helped me deal with my depression.  Who would’ve thought that poppy seeds could be used to make such a powerful herbal tea!

Graham H. – St. Louis, Missouri

One of my best friends actually purchased this book and sent me a copy because he knew I was into herbal teas and remedies.  This herbal tea was a little different than some of my other preparations and it should be treated with respect.  I drink poppy seed tea on the weekends and stop during the week to avoid possible addiction.  I am glad that this book included all of the effects of PST, and recommend it to anyone interested in herbal remedies like me!

Leslie P. – San Diego, California

I rated this book a full 5 stars, and I am definitely a PST drinker.  thanks for helping me find some A++++ Seeds… LOOOOOVVVEEESSS IT


poppy seed tea book buy

I have included a summary of the Table of Contents below, so you can the subjects discussed in this book.

  1. Poppy Seed Tea Overview
  2. Poppy Seed Tea Effects
  3. Finding Quality Poppy Seeds
  4. Enhancing Poppy Seed Tea
  5. Detailed Method for Making Poppy Seed Tea
  6. Simple Method for Making Poppy Seed Tea
  7. Reasons People Consume Poppy Seed Tea


best poppy seed tea book

I received several emails a week asking me for ways to contribute to this website.  Many people also stated that I should write this eBook to enable another way to support the PSTR Community.  I appreciate your ideas and continued kindness.

I sincerely appreciate you supporting this free community by purchasing this eBook.  Purchasing this book provides monetary support as well as psychological support.  I tried to price this eBook at level that everyone could afford.  If you have issues affording the price of the eBook, you can contact me and we can work something out.  This is currently the only way to directly support this community monetarily.


buy poppy seed tea book

This book covers the main details of Poppy Seed Tea, but readers may have related questions.  I include my email and contact information in the book, and I offer direct support to all customers that purchase it.  I am selling this book on the website first before I start selling it on Amazon.  I encourage reviews and feedback.


poppy seed tea book

I currently only offer this book in eBook form.  Click on the link below to purchase!