eBay Poppy Seeds: Find the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds

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I recommend purchasing unwashed poppy seeds on Amazon all over this site, but it can be difficult to find some of the brands in stock.  As a result, I have started purchasing eBay Poppy Seeds for review.  Over the next couple of months, I will purchase more poppy seeds from the eBay marketplace, and I will update this list accordingly.  I am sure that this post will become one of the most popular on the PSTR website!  Here is a list of some of the best sellers of unwashed eBay poppy seeds.

There are several reasons people purchase unwashed poppy seeds.  This website does not contain medical advice, and people should consult with their doctor or a healthcare professional prior to consuming unwashed poppy seeds.  Consuming unwashed poppy seeds in large amounts can be dangerous.

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Finding the Best Poppy Seeds: eBook

poppy seed tea book

If you would like to learn more about consuming finding the best unwashed poppy seeds, check out my new book!  It includes detailed methods and recipes for making poppy seed tea, in addition to the benefits and effects.  This is a great way to support the PSTR website and help it grow!  You can click the link below to purchase the book, or click the image above to learn more.  I appreciate your support!

Note: The current price is limited to the first customers.  This is to reward the community members that purchase the book early.


ebay unwashed poppy seeds

Unbiased Guide

This guide contains a list of some of the best places to buy unwashed eBay Poppy Seeds.  I keep this list updated regularly, and I am in the process of reviewing several new brands.  I include links below to purchase all of these poppy seeds on eBay.  I do not own stock in any of these companies, so all of my reviews and suggestions are unbiased.  These links are affiliate links, so I will make a small percentage of your total purchase price.  It does not cost you a penny, and it keeps this website running.

If you would like to learn how to make poppy seed tea, check out my Detailed Way to Make Poppy Seed Tea, or my Simple Poppy Seed Tea Recipe.

What to Look For

I wanted to include a brief description for what to look for when searching for unwashed poppy seeds.  Most of the poppy seeds sold around the world are derived from the opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum.  Some companies wash the seeds to remove the opiate alkaloids contained on the outside of the seeds, but there are several places that still sell unwashed poppy seeds.  The best way to tell if poppy seeds are unwashed is if the package or detail page says that they are unwashed.  If it is not stated, ask someone if they are unwashed.  The poppy seeds should be dark in appearance, and the poppy seeds should have small bits of plant material mixed in.  This is a good indication that the poppy seeds are high quality and unwashed.  I have created a YouTube video that you can view by clicking the link below:

How to Find Unwashed Poppy Seeds


Here is a current list of The Best eBay Poppy Seeds.  All of these poppy seeds are high quality unwashed poppy seeds.  I will make sure to update this list as I discover more vendors.  A majority of the Ebay Poppy Seeds mentioned below were found from the feedback and comments of PSTR Community Members.  This is why I love receiving comments, it helps us all grow!

Blue Bird

blue bird poppy seeds

Blue Bird is a newer eBay vendor that is selling great unwashed poppy seeds.  These were the BEST unwashed seeds that I have had in months.  This seller is very responsive and trustworthy.  They are consistent and I highly recommend them.  Buy them now before they go out of stock!


blue bird poppy seeds emblemOne Pound of Blue Bird Premium Unwashed Poppy Seeds – $22.99


Update 12/14/17 – Blue Bird is back in stock.  Buy them now while they are still in stock!


Poppy icculus is another great seller of uwnashed poppy seeds.  Poppy_icculus sells mainly to people looking for the highest quality unwashed poppy seeds.  As a result, his prices are a little higher than some of the other poppy seed brands.  I have spoken with people who purchased these poppy seeds and were blown away.  If you are willing to spend the money, you can end up with some excellent unwashed poppy seeds.  Personally, I buy these poppy seeds on special occasions!

poppy_icculus ebay poppy seeds

5 Pounds of High Grade Tasmanian Unwashed Poppy Seeds – $189 + S&H

1 Pound of Tasmanian High Grade Unwashed Poppy Seeds – $40 + S&H

Note about Kalifornia Krazy Poppy Seeds


KaliforniaKrazy poppy seeds used to be number 2 on this list.  I have recently had to remove them and update my analysis to reflect the current drop in quality.  I will update this section accordingly if anything changes!


I hope that this post has helped you discover some of the best places to find unwashed eBay Poppy Seeds.  It has become more difficult to find the poppy seeds in stock on Amazon, so eBay is a great place to purchase high quality seeds.  There are several reliable vendors selling eBay Poppy Seeds, and two of them are listed above.

Help Support This Website (Hint: It Won’t Cost You Extra Money)

poppy seed tea book

You can help support this community without spending an extra penny.  If you are planning on buying something (literally anything) on eBay, click one of the eBay links contained on this page before making your purchase.  This website will make a small percentage of your total purchase price for any items purchased within 24 hours of clicking the link.  You can purchase anything on eBay, it doesn’t have to be something advertised on this website.  I sincerely appreciate your support, it helps me dedicate a sufficient amount of my time to enhance this free resource!

eBay Poppy Seeds: Comments

Do you know of other great unwashed eBay poppy seeds?  Please list your favorite eBay Poppy Seeds sellers below.  Your knowledge helps propel the growth of this free resource.  I sincerely appreciate your contribution.

eBay Poppy Seeds: Find the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds on eBay
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37 Replies to “eBay Poppy Seeds: Find the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds”

  1. They were sold out of all of their poppy seeds thanks to me listing them. You should be the opposite of concerned. You’re lucky you got them while they were in stock. Try searching for them on eBay… completely sold out. I’ll include them back on this post when they are in stock. Please let me know how you end up liking them though, I’d love your feedback!


  2. Thank you very much! I (and I’m sure others) greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication! Your research has provided me with reliable, top notch products. Your site has also enabled many of us to ask questions and collaborate on various brands that we can trust. Your also quick to respond and have provided me with valuable info!

    Thanks again!

  3. I bought the ones from Makoseeds on eBay and they were shit.
    I want to buy the ones from Poppy_icculus but the price is pretty pathetic. i.e. 120 for some seeds.
    So I emailed him 2 days ago and asked if they’re good for tea.
    No answer so far.
    Plus I see he has a negative review from yesterday saying they’re poisonous.
    So……has anybody used the seeds from Poppy_icculus?
    Are they as good as the price says they are???!!!!
    Thank you!

  4. I just ordered KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds, (6 pounds of it). I’ll let you all know how the seeds are once I get them. I normally wouldn’t just dive right in and make a big order, however I noticed KK has a lot of positive feedback and 0 negative feedback for his poppies.
    Here’s to the yellow brick road! *raises glass

  5. Got an order from skittles today, it was 3lbs and I paid $60 for them, and they’re quality is not very good at all, in fact a one pound wash created a somewhat dark yellow liquid that had no bitterness what so ever, however they are keeping me out of w/d for the time being. Extremely bummed for the price I paid for them.. thankfully I’ve only got to stretch these out until Friday, granted if my Mako seeds come in on time.

  6. I did a small order from mako, and seeds seem very washed. Very little plant material, very light water, and a chemical taste to it, i personally do not think these seeds are any good

  7. Just received 6lbs of KaliforniaKrazy. Sadly, these have a chemical smell and make a very weak tea. I’m using it to detox. I spent money on these and wish I didn’t. 🙁

    1. Update October 20, 2017:
      KaliforniaKrazy is sending me a new batch of seeds. He has been giving me top notch, customer service, which is very much appreciated and needed in a cold 21st Century world. They ship Monday and I will update everyone when I get the new seeds, and I have confidence that these will live up to community standards. 🙂 Xoxo

  8. Hello everyone,

    Good website. I am the seller known as kaliforniakrazy on ebay. I was tipped off that I had some word of mouth advertising going on, on this site. I understand the negativity towards the quality of my seeds this past week. Due to the holiday I got a lot of new business, and wasn’t prepared for it. I ordered from a supplier who wasn’t my regular and didn’t find out that they were no good until I shipped out several pounds. My normal seeds, are really dark, unwashed, full of plant debris, and smell great. I am happy to issue a refund to anyone who got the lower quality seeds. Or if you’d rather try my regular seeds for free, instead of a refund, just message me on ebay, and I will send you a box of seeds equal to the amount you originally purchased. I’m guessing there were 4-5 orders, I sent out, that were sub-par. So if you ordered from me between the 10th-13th, there’s a chance you didn’t get my regular quality of seeds. The bad seeds smell peppery, the good ones do not. I hope this does not deter anyone from purchasing from me in the future. I’m going to stay better stocked from now, and if I don’t have enough to fill a certain order I will just let you know, and never again sell seeds that I am unsure of. I really pride myself in the quality of our seeds, and am sorry to the people who have bought from me, and felt I let you down. As far as my seeds’ over-all quality going down, from earlier this, year, I couldn’t agree more. I attribute it to the time of year. I’ve done this for two years now, and around spring they are excellent, and early fall are really good, and this time of year until February or March, the quality does unfortunately ebb a little. Still high quality, just not as high. Still unwashed, not processed, dark, earthy, plant debris, organic goodness. Perhaps they’re just a little older, than when purchased in spring or early fall. I really appreciate my business being mentioned like this, glad everyone enjoyed the customer service, if nothing else, haha. Just wanted to clear the air, and let everyone know, that it is never my attention to rip anyone off. So if there is ever any grievance anyone has in the future, just let me know, and I will make things right between us. I am glad I figured out my back up supplier was no good before it totally tarnished my reputation, and I am grateful to have the chance to be more careful in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Ps. I am not really aware of the precise contents or purpose of this website. I just skimmed it, really. I feel I should say, for my protection and the protection of any future customers, that none of my products should be used for any illicit activity. The poppy seeds are for culinary, and gardening purposes only. Please, abide by all local, state, and federal laws.

    1. Hello Dylan,

      I ordered 6 pounds of your seeds (3 orders of your 2 pound bags) and indeed they are terrible. There is no plant debris, the color is light and when washed it is a very light, milky color. I appreciate your courage to be honest regarding the low quality of your recent supply. I am unsure how to contact you via eBay- I have my order confirmation/receipts I can send you as well. I would like a replacement of the 6 pounds I purchased from you recently as the seeds I did receive are just garbage. I can send them back to you if your prefer that too.

      Please let me know the best way to contact you.

      Thank you!

  9. I just purchased 5lbs from ‘makoseeds’ and will leave an honest review when I get them on Wednesday, Oct 25th. I’ve seen mixed reviews but the price was great (which makes me a little skeptical ), so I ordered another brand just in case.

  10. Also, a quick note; it seems you can order factory direct from Sincerely Nuts with minimal shipping cost…it’s only a few bucks more than Amazon. With 5-7lb bags listed at $300 on eBay this may be a viable option.

    1. Midnight Mike, thanks for the comment. The only downside with ordering factory direct is if you want the seeds quickly. It takes around 5-6 days to get to me, and I live in Texas. You can order them through Amazon and get it much quicker:

      For those of you that are interested I have posted the Amazon Link below:



  11. I ordered 1 pound of seeds from skittles off of ebay and they are terrible. Im not sure how to proceed. Should I request a refund? I spent $24 for weak washed seeds.

  12. I just tried Blue Bird unwashed poppy seeds and wow! I hadn’t had great unwashed seeds for a couple of weeks. Proceed with caution amigos

    – PSTConnoisseur

  13. I recently purchased off of eBay “laughing llama unwashed seeds” and was highly disappointed. The seller supplies a photo of the rinsed water from his seeds and let me tell you, this is a lie. The seeds are clearly washed. Throughly. I opened an eBay case because the seller refused to refund me ($65 plus $13.60 shipping for 5lb). Finally got my refund and eBay paid shipping. I wish I could upload a screenshot of this sellers messages to me. He cussed me out, told me to drink bleach, kill myself, called me a drug addict, nonetheless I forwarded this to eBay and reported him. AVOID THIS GUY (Laughing Llama) he also took off my feedback, he has no history on eBay.

    1. That guy does suck. Having ordered from both Nodding Turtle and Laughing Llama – I honestly think he’s just buying 20lb NT stock, and selling it in 5lb increments. I did the math and while he’s not getting rich, he is certainly profitable doing that. It’s bad enough to be shit stock from Turtle, but to buy it “resold” with a bigger mark-up is just criminal. F that guy.

  14. I bought 3lb from mako seeds off eBay, and they were absolutely horrible. The rinsed water was absolutely clear and smelled peppery. Luckily, these seeds were cheap and I was refunded my money promptly. However, I still left negative feedback. People ought to know an honest review of this seller. IMO, you’re better off going to Whole Foods or sprouts than buy from mako seeds.

  15. The mako seeds on eBay that had previously made this websites “good quality seed vendors” is a joke. I ordered once and they were terrible. Ordered again as it may have been a fluke. Again terribly disappointed. Don’t waste your time with mako seeds. I’m looking for a new vendor as we speak. Also, Nodding Turtle used to be good. But now is selling “Special European Reserve” which is decent, but not worth the top dollar being charged for it. Hope this helps at least one person, that will make this post worthwhile for me.

    1. Yes, I had to remove Makoseeds from my list of quality seeds over a month ago, because their quality decreased rapidly. I also updated my review of them a while back here:

      Makoseeds Review

      Thanks for sharing your valuable comment!

  16. This was a comment from one of our valued members, poppyseedguy717. He was having error messages trying to leave his comment, so I am posting it for him:

    “BEWARE Again, I will post this. “Laughing Llama” and “2greenthumbsfromkimball” are the same suppliers and are currently selling poppy seeds on eBay. They claim they
    are unwashed and post a picture of their “wash”. Beware, I have purchased from them and the seeds are horrible!!! They taste like chemicals and the rinsed wash that is to be disposed of looks clear as water even with 1 1/2 lbs of seeds! That is ridiculous and for the price is robbery. I had to open an eBay case to get a refund bc the seller cursed me out and called me every “ addict/seeker” name under the sun. It was ridiculous the email that I received from them was. Was not expecting it from
    a “professional eBay store. Please stay away from “Laughing Llama” and “2greenthumbsfromkimball”

  17. Brandon:
    How are Blue Bird as of late; since they switched to their own website? Still as good (best you’ve had in while and used for/on special occasions?) Been wanting to try but I’ve been getting decent SN and don’t wanna pay that crazy price unless they’re absolutely worth it, ya know? Also heard something about them also doing the Amazon gig soon as well? Maybe a video review is in store for us/you? Be nice to see the product and packaging if possible. Thanks 🙂


    1. They are still very good, and I just purchased 5 more pounds. They are supposedly planning on selling on Amazon, and also offering same day shipping from their site. I am currently in the process of making a video review for them. I would’ve made it earlier, but they were having a hard time keeping their seeds in stock as is. I didn’t want to post a great video review and cause them to be sold out for weeks. I know of a few coupon codes that I can send to you, just contact me via the link in the header of this page.

    2. I just received some seeds from them and they are AWESOME! I actually had placed the order on December 21, but didn’t receive them until yesterday. Their customer service representative, David, was very helpful and even sent a coupon for my next order, which I will be placing Friday! 😊

  18. Great website Brandon. I appreciate your work here. I did purchase your ‘how to make tea book’ and enjoyed. You’re doing all this really cuts through trying to figure out which brands and sites are best. Keep up the good work. Question: what happened to Anna and Sarah seeds? I can’t find them anywhere, I thought they had good quality. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. I started purchasing Food to live (England) have been very satisfied. Again, a bit pricey but worth it. I have been ordering FTL pretty regularly (every two weeks or so) but just went to purchase (from Amazon as I usually do) and they show unavailable. Damn, I sure hope they aren’t going to go the way of Anna and Sarah! Do you have any word on availability (today is January 19, 2018) via Amazon? Can you recommend other sites to purchase from? Another question. I prep my tea as you direct (2 cups, 8 oz. water, shake for around 5 minutes) but I do three washes per 2 cups. While the water isn’t as cloudy on the third washing as the first it’s still cloudy. Do you know what the ‘maximum’ number of washes that can be done before it’s just a waste of time? I’m trying to get the most out of the seeds as possible. Thanks and again appreciate the site.

    1. Frank,

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words. A&S disappeared and they won’t say if/when they are coming back. Many people do 2 washes, but it can depend on the quality of the seeds. Amazon has been spotty lately, but I’ve seen SN for sale on there recently. You can also try lonegoosebakery.com for BB seeds, but I would start out with a 1-2 pound purchase due to price.


  19. I’ve been purchasing seeds on ebay from makoseeds, all fairly consistent, usually B grade or better. I order about 5 pounds every week, and use once daily, around 3.5 cups in a 1 liter soda bottle, washed twice with cold water and lemon and then the bitter brew is strained through a thick Viva brand paper towel to catch any remaining gag-inducing ugly brown sediment prior to consumption. The prices from makoseeds are very reasonable, and shipping is fast and reliable, which is why I have been such a loyal customer, but I’m interested in finding out if the sellers with eyebrow-raisingly high prices are worth their exorbitant fees. Unfortunately, I’m on a fixed income which doesn’t allow for experimental purchases. Would you please review the following vendors –
    have.ur.cake, bravo24, 2greenthumbsfromkimball, tiffbran217, hardbreed, poppyseedpst and psilocyborg69? I have tried 1 lb from bravo24 and found them to be B grade, providing pain relief and a noticeable sedative effect without much euphoria or the usual pleasant warm and fuzzies. I also bought the $22.50 1 lb Grade A-1 Tasmanian seeds from 2greenthumbsfromkimball and was very disappointed. Beyond a heavy, listless stupor I felt nothing worth noting. The labeling of their packages tries to be clever but $22.50 is a steep price to pay for banal wordplay. I trust your judgement on these matters and am desperate for answers. I am so looking forward to your reviews and greatly appreciate all the time and effort , your dedication and the expertise you’ve already shared with us via this site. Thank you for your help and generosity.

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