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As many of you already know, the prices for unwashed poppy seeds have increased rapidly over the past few months.  I have previously discussed the reasons for the increase in prices, but i am still receiving questions regarding prices.  I decided to write this post to update everyone about the 2017 English Poppy Seed Harvest.  I hope that it can help clarify the current situation and make people feel more at ease.

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Best English Poppy Seeds from New Harvest

lone goose poppy seeds

I have updated this section of the post after the most recent English Poppy Seed Harvest.  Fortunately, the harvest has arrived and provided excellent seeds, if you know where to look.  I was already recommending Blue Bird poppy seeds, and the new seeds are the best of the year.  You’ll know as soon as you lay eyes on the dark seeds and smell the nutty aroma, that these seeds are the real deal.

BB seeds can be a bit pricey, but the amazing quality makes it worth it.  They last me twice as long, and they are always offering coupon codes for significant discounts.  I personally enjoy buying in bulk, but they also have a 1/4 pound sample for $2 + shipping.  These seeds are sold by Lone Goose Bakery, and I have provided a product link for the 2 lb package below:

2 lbs of Blue Bird English Poppy Seeds | Lone Goose Bakery 


english poppy seed harvest 2017

This is a guide updating people on the recent English Poppy Seed Harvest.  It discusses current price levels and demand issues.

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Increase in Prices

Anyone that has been purchasing unwashed poppy seeds over the past 6 months has noticed the recent price increases.  The primary reason for the recent price increase was due to the delay of the English Poppy Seed Harvest.

English poppy Seed Harvest: Stock Issues

The delay in the English Poppy Seed Harvest caused many of the large brands to begin running out of stock.  Some brands actually ran out of unwashed English Poppy Seeds.  A few brands even chose to sell seeds sourced from other countries and label them as English seeds.  It will not do any good for me to list the specific brands on this post because the issue has now been resolved.

English Poppy Seed Harvest Arrival 

Luckily, the English Poppy Seed Harvest started coming in a few weeks ago.  The large poppy seed brands began selling the new stock, and the quality has slowly risen.  Unfortunately, the prices have not decreased to the normal pre-harvest levels.  Some prices have gone down a bit, but they are nowhere near where they used to be.  This has resulted in many people cutting back on their unwashed poppy seed purchased significantly.  Hopefully the next harvest is on time and is larger than this year so prices can come back down.  Until then, we are going to have to get used to the new price levels.  At least we can still find quality unwashed seeds!


I hope that you leave this post feeling positive, and I also hope that you have learned a little bit about the English Poppy Seed Harvest along the way.  Hopefully this late harvest will not be repeated in the future, but if it is, you will know what is happening.  Feel free to message me with any questions regarding the English Poppy Seed Harvest.

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English Poppy Seed Harvest: Comments

Do you have any knowledge to add to this conversation about the English Poppy Seed Harvest?  Please share your information in the Comments section below.  Your comments have helped make this website grow quickly!


English Poppy Seed Harvest: The Reason for the Recent Price Hike
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English Poppy Seed Harvest: The Reason for the Recent Price Hike
The recent English Poppy Seed Harvest has caused the price for unwashed poppy seeds to increase rapidly. Discover why on this detailed post.
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  1. I received some great quality seeds from Sincerly Nuts and Blues Bird. I tried getting Sincerly Nuts through Amazon but they was out of stock, but if you go to there website they have the U.K. Seeds. I’m not sure why they don’t have them on Amazon. I received both brands very quick. I ordered a 25lb bag on Monday from SN and received it Wednesday regular mail.
    Hope this helps!

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