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This site is exploding with traffic and many people are discovering the best places to find unwashed poppy seeds.  If you are familiar with this site, you should already know that I highly suggest purchasing unwashed poppy seeds online for several reasons.  Some people continue to purchase unwashed poppy seeds locally, and they search for Grocery Store Poppy Seeds.  This post is dedicated to finding the best unwashed Grocery Store Poppy Seeds.

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Find the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds: Book

poppy seed tea book

If you would like to discover how to find the best unwashed poppy seeds, check out my new Poppy Seed Tea book!  It includes detailed methods for making poppy seed tea, in addition to the benefits and effects.  This is a great way to support the PSTR website and help it grow!  You can click the link below to purchase the book, or click the image above to learn more.  I appreciate your support!

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poppy seeds grocery store

This guide is dedicated to helping people find the best unwashed Grocery Store Poppy Seeds.  It also includes information for finding unwashed poppy seeds online for those that have a change of heart.

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Grocery Store Poppy Seeds: Overview

I always suggest purchasing unwashed poppy seeds online, and you should click the link below this paragraph to buy the best poppy seeds on Amazon.  Some people choose to purchase local Grocery Store Poppy Seeds for personal reasons, and that is fine.  I totally understand this, especially if you are in a pinch and need unwashed poppy seeds immediately.  The large grocery stores like Walmart usually only sell washed poppy seeds, but Target is an exception to this rule (you can read more about Target Poppy Seeds on my related post).  As a general rule, it is best to look for great Grocery Store poppy seeds at health food stores.  The health food stores are not created equally, and a minority of stores sell unwashed bulk poppy seeds.

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Sprouts Poppy Seeds

Sprouts is a great example of a health food market that usually sells unwashed poppy seeds.  Most of the stores also sell unwashed poppy seeds in bulk.  The quality of these poppy seeds will actually vary by location, but many local stores have decent quality bulk poppy seeds.  Sprouts also usually sells Bob’s Red Mill Poppy Seeds, which are known for being consistently mediocre.  If you are in a pinch, you should consider purchasing a few half pound bags of Bob’s Red Mill.  These poppy seeds are far from the best, but they aren’t the worst either.

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Grocery Store Poppy Seeds: How Verify Unwashed Seeds

If you would like to try Grocery Store Poppy Seeds that are not mentioned and have not been reviewed on this website, there are several ways to tell if the seeds are unwashed.  The best way to tell is by viewing the packaging or asking a worker.  Some people may feel awkward asking if poppy seeds are unwashed, but there is no reason to be embarrassed.   Another way to tell is by looking at the appearance of the poppy seeds.  If the poppy seeds are dark in appearance and have particles of plant material mixed in, there is a good chance that they are unwashed.  If the poppy seeds are in bulk bins are jars, you can also smell them to help verify that they are unwashed.  The seeds should have a natural earthy smell.  Make sure to avoid Grocery Store Poppy Seeds that have a chemical or rancid smell.  I have completed a free Unwashed Poppy Seed Guide Video that you can view for more information.


I hope that this post has helped convince you that purchasing unwashed poppy seeds online is a much better idea.  I also hope that others that decide to purchase unwashed poppy seeds locally have learned ways to find the best poppy seeds.

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You can help support this community without spending an extra penny.  If you are planning on buying something (literally anything) on Amazon, click one of the Amazon links contained on this page before making your purchase.  This website will make a small percentage of your total purchase price for any items purchased within 24 hours of clicking the link.  You can purchase anything on Amazon, it doesn’t have to be something advertised on this website.  I sincerely appreciate your support, it helps me dedicate a sufficient amount of my time to enhance this free resource!

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Grocery Store Poppy Seeds: Comments

Do you have any experiences finding quality unwashed Grocery Store Poppy Seeds?  Please share your knowledge and tips below.  Your comments have helped propel the PSTR  Community toward tremendous growth.  I appreciate you taking the time and effort to share your insights!


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