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Due to the current increase in prices and variable quality of the “Big 3” brands, many people have been messaging me searching for a reliable seller of unwashed poppy seeds.  There’s an established vendor of unwashed poppy seeds on eBay, and they provide a great option of for those searching for reasonably priced unwashed poppy seeds.  These quality seeds are KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds, and this post is dedicated to reviewing them and analyzing their overall quality.  I include their eBay link towards the bottom of this post, so you can purchase their quality seeds directly.

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kaliforniakrazy poppy seeds review

This is a full analysis and review of KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds.  I rate several different categories below, and I include an overall score at the bottom.  I have also included links below to purchase these amazing poppy seeds.  I hope you learn more about this new brand of unwashed poppy seeds.  This review will help you learn more details about KaliforniaKrazy unwashed poppy seeds, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase.

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KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds: Quality

2.5 / 5

I’ve recently purchased several brands of unwashed poppy seeds from eBay.  This seller no longer in my top 3 favorite unwashed poppy seed vendors.  They have recently started supplying lower quality poppy seeds.  Hopefully, they will be able to boost their quality back up!

KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds: Price

4 / 5

KaliforniaKrazy sells unwashed poppy seeds in two different package sizes, and I have included links to those size options at the bottom of this post.  I consider the prices of these unwashed poppy seeds as reasonable, especially since many of the larger brands have increased their prices even higher.  I rated the price a 4 out of 5.

KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds: Consistency

2 / 5

Many different sellers have recently experienced issues with consistency recently.  This is yet another seller that has had issues selling consistent high quality poppy seeds.  Hopefully, their consistency will get better, and they will get back to providing great seeds.

KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds: Reliability

3.5 / 5

I score reliability based on the brand providing accurate item descriptions and following through on shipping dates, etc.  This was previously a strength for this seller.  A quick analysis of the eBay reviews shows that a large majority of the customers find this seller as reliable.  Lately, the poppy seeds aren’t high quality unwashed seeds.   I am rating them a 3.5 out of 5 in this category; KaliforniaKrazy is has slipped in reliability lately.

KaliforniaKrazy: Customer Service

5 / 5

One of the reasons that I enjoy purchasing from vendors like KaliforniaKrazy is that they know how to take care of their customers.  Many of the larger sellers and poppy seed brands do not place an emphasis on taking care of customers and ensuring that they are happy.  KaliforniaKrazy has been one of my favorite poppy seed sellers to interact with, and I have spoken with a ton!  I am sure that you will have a similar experience.  This is a small business owner that takes care of people!

KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds: Overall Score

3.4 / 5

The overall score is calculated by taking an average score of each individual category.  I consider anything 4.5 or higher as excellent.  This score of 3.4 reflects a previously good vendor that has recently had a dip in quality. I have received several review that have led me to edit this review,  I have another brand of unwashed poppy seeds that is currently proving to be more reliable.

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Purchase KaliforniaKrazy Unwashed Poppy Seeds

I have provided the eBay links below for you to purchase unwashed poppy seeds from KaliforniaKrazy.  This is the only way that I have found to reliably purchase his unwashed poppy seeds. Hopefully the product becomes more consistent in the future!

2 Pounds of KaliforniaKrazy Unwashed Poppy Seeds – $24 + S&H

1 Pound of KaliforniaKrazy Unwashed Poppy Seeds – $14 + S&H


I hope that this post has helped you discover that KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds have recently become inconsistent and mediocre unwashed seeds that can be found on eBay.

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Luxycor Poppy Seeds: Comments

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7 Replies to “KaliforniaKrazy Poppy Seeds”

    1. Dee,

      Thanks for the comment, and I am sorry that you had a bad experience with Kalifornia Krazy. I will update this review to reflect consistency issues. Right now it seems like Blue Bird Poppy Seeds are the only reliable seeds on eBay. I will email you when they are in stock. You can check out the Blue Bird poppy Seed Review for more info.

  1. I got a small shipment of these today, and they’re terrible. They smell and taste like the TNT “European Reserve” seeds that are currently being sold and are also terrible. I was very disappointed with this brand.

  2. I was going to purchase theses seeds based off of seeing your review for them a month ago, but I’m glad I checked back and now know the quality has dropped dramatically. Some of these idiots on eBay, who are selling terrible seeds, either need to lower their prices or stop advertising that their seeds are unwashed. I had purchased from mako seeds a couple months ago and they were absolute garbage. I emailed the seller and told her her seeds were worthless and she said they were her best batch to date, what a joke.
    Also, you had said Blue Bird is the only viable Ebay option now for good seeds, what about Poppy Icculus? Are their seeds currently worth the high price??

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