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If you have been consuming poppy seed tea for an extended period of time, chances are that you are familiar with Poppy Seed Tea Constipation.  It can be a difficult and painful experience that can lead to serious medical issues.  This unpleasant side effect is shared with opiate prescriptions as well.  Fortunately, there are simple methods for reducing Poppy Seed Tea Constipation.  I share the details regarding Poppy Seed Tea Constipation below, and I also include the simple ways to help make put your digestive system back to its natural rhythm.

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I have created this guide to help detail Poppy Seed Tea Constipation.  This is a common side effect of all opiates, but it is rarely discussed in public.  It is important to remember that there are OTC ways to reduce constipation, and I include simple methods below.  Let’s get started…

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Poppy Seed Tea Constipation: Why it Happens

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Consuming the opiate alkaloids found in poppy seed tea leads to many people experiencing constipation.  These alkaloids actually cause the digestive system to slow down.  This causes the food to stay in the intestines longer, which leads to the intestines absorbing more water out of the waste.  As a result, the waste is generally bigger, harder, and the time between bowel movements increases drastically.  These unpleasant side effects are shared with prescription opiates as well.  If you’ve ever experienced the pain of this backup, you know that it can feel like a pine cone is making its way through your digestive system.  Nobody looks forward to the “grand finale.”  Luckily, there are simple ways to help avoid Poppy Seed Tea Constipation.  I include a list of the methods I have tried in the next section.

Poppy Seed Tea Constipation: Ways to Avoid

There are several easy methods for helping and avoiding Poppy Seed Tea Constipation.  I will list some of the popular methods below.  I have all of these methods myself, and i have achieved some level of success with each one.

  1. Stay hydrated – I always make sure to stay hydrated, and I drink 8-10 cups of water every day.  This helps keep me regular and improved overall health.
  2. Mirilax – Mirilax is a gentle stool softener that helps me avoid Poppy Seed Tea Constipation.  I actually will mix Mirilax powder in with my poppy seed tea, and it helps improve the taste.  I include an Amazon link to purchase Miralax in the Summary section below.
  3. Consume fiber – Poppy seeds are actually a decent source of fiber, but it isn’t enough to keep the constipation at bay.  Consuming fiber is a more natural method of reducing constipation, and it can be found naturally in many foods.  You can check out some high fiber foods on this Wikipedia Page.

Poppy Seed Tea Constipation: Words to Remember

poppy seed tea constipated

If you are suffering from Poppy Seed Tea Constipation, it is important to avoid straining and pushing extremely hard.  Many people feel the need to strain in order to alleviate the pain and cramping often associated with constipation, but this can lead to hemorrhoids or anal fissures.  Make sure to contact your doctor or healthcare professional if you notice bloody stools.  I like to use the preventative methods that I list above to avoid constipation completely.

Poppy Seed Tea Constipation: Dangers

Poppy seed tea constipation can be extremely dangerous, and severe cases can lead to sickness and possible death.  You can read more about how constipation can kill you on this outside website (How Stuff Works).  You can also try using suppositories to help you pass stubborn stools.


I hope that this post has helped you learn more about Poppy Seed Tea Constipation, and I hope you have discovered a method for reducing this unpleasant side effect.  If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact me.  I love getting questions and feedback from the PSTR Community, even when it deals with more private issues!

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Poppy Seed Tea Constipation: Comments

Have you experienced Poppy Seed Tea Constipation?  Do you have methods for reducing opiate constipation?  Please share your experiences and knowledge with the PSTR Community and help it grow.  Don’t feel obligated to share extreme details.

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Poppy Seed Tea Constipation: Learn More About The Big Squeeze
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  1. FYI. Coconut oil on the area is a HUGE helper with pain before and after and it will also help stop if not significantly reduce any kind of tearing. Kratom is also a good option to have around for mornings if your experiencing consitpation. Take it before your tea and wait for things to ‘move’.

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