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Poppy seeds are some of the smallest plant seeds, but they pack quite a punch, especially economically!  This post is dedicated to the most popular seeds obtained from the Papaver Somniferum plant.  These poppy seeds are by far the most commercially viable.  Other forms of poppy seeds are primarily sold for gardening use.  Papaver somniferum seeds have several popular uses detailed below.

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This is an ultimate guide to the powerful poppy seed!  As stated above there are several species of poppy plants, and this post focuses on the most popular.  Papaver somniferum seeds are by far the most common poppy seeds found in the world.  the plants are extremely valuable and have even been treated as currency in some ancient civilizations.

The Opium Poppy Seeds: Papaver Somniferum

The poppy seeds are a part of the opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum.  This plant is known as the opium poppy because it contains raw opium.  The raw opium has been harvested for thousands of years.  The harvesters scour the sides of the poppy flower pod, then they allow the latex to leak out and collect on the outside.  The latex thickens over time and changes from a milky white color to dark brown and black.  The harvesters then come and collect the tacky substance.  This is raw opium.  During this process, some of the opium can be pushed into the poppy pod chamber and mix with the seeds.  This is a common occurrence for novice harvesters that apply to much force during the scouring process.

Opiate Compounds 

The poppy seeds contain varying amounts of the opium mentioned above.  The primary opiates found on the seeds include morphine, codeine, and thebaine.  The seeds contain several other natural opiate compounds as well.  During the seed harvesting process, the opiate compounds found in the pod walls are transferred and mixed in with the seeds.  Many companies wash the seeds to remove a majority of the opiates, but a small minority of companies choose to sell unwashed seeds.  Unwashed seeds are preferred by many professional bakers because they have a fresh natural taste.  Many washed seeds have a chemical taste, and a majority are bland.

Great Unwashed Poppy Seeds

Here is one of the top brands for unwashed poppy seeds.  This is an Amazon link for the 4 pound bag of Food to Live Poppy Seeds.  These seeds are a bit more expensive than some of the other brands, but you get what you pay for.

Food to Live Poppy Seed Package (England) (4 Pounds)

Poppy Seeds: Uses

Poppy seeds are extremely healthy and have several uses.  I have included some of the primary uses below.  For many of these uses, unwashed seeds are preferred.  A majority of the washed seeds have poor reviews and a bland taste.  Many of the large spice companies that sell seeds have them washed (example: McCormick’s Poppy Seed Brand).


Baking is one of the most popular uses for poppy seeds.  As stated above, many bakers prefer the use of unwashed poppy seeds for their recipes.  Many Traditional European recipes require the use of unwashed poppy seeds.  Poppy seeds have a pleasant taste and a pleasant crunch.  The seeds contain a tasty oil with a slightly bitter aftertaste.  The bitter taste is more pronounced when the seeds are used in bulk.


Poppy seeds are commonly used as a natural exfoliant in many soaps and skin care products.  The use of poppy seeds for these applications has become more popular recently, as people are looking for natural options to replace chemicals.  You can see some poppy soap tutorials here (external website).

Poppy Seed Tea

One popular use of poppy seeds is to make poppy seed tea.  This is an herbal tea that contains varying amounts of natural opium compounds depending on the poppy seeds used.  Poppy seed tea has become increasingly popular as people have searched for a replacement for pain medication.  Many poppy seed tea drinkers prefer using high quality unwashed seeds.  The tea is consumed for many purposes, including pain reduction.  Poppy seed tea benefits vary by individual, but many people that consume the powerful tea regularly can become addicted.  When the addicted individuals stop consuming the tea, they will usually face withdrawals.  The symptoms are similar to the ones found in other opiate withdrawal cases.

I suggest reading my associated post: The Best Poppy Seed Brands for Poppy Seed Tea!

Poppy Seeds for Planting

Unwashed and untreated seeds are usually viable for planting.  In many countries, growing opium poppy plants is illegal.  This is especially true if you are planning on cultivating the plants to produce and consume natural opiate compounds.  Many people in the United States still plant Papaver somniferum in their gardens because they enjoy the beautiful flowers.  They aren’t planting the flowers on a large scale so they are largely ignored by the DEA.  There are news stories of people that have been arrested after planting a large amount of opium poppy flowers.  Don’t be stupid and make sure that you follow local laws and regulations.

Check out this moron who planted $500 million dollars worth and got arrested



Poppy seeds are healthy and delicious product of nature.  A majority are derived from the Papaver somniferum plant.  These seeds can be used for several purposes, including making poppy seed tea.  Hopefully this post has helped you discover how this tiny, kidney-shaped seed is actually larger than life!  Go buy some today!

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Poppy Seeds: Comments

Do you have information regarding poppy seeds?  Please share your information in the Comments section and help this community grow!  Poppy seeds seem like simple plants, but many people don’t understand their full power.  help inform people today!

Poppy Seeds: The Ultimate Guide to the Powerful Poppy Seed
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Poppy Seeds: The Ultimate Guide to the Powerful Poppy Seed
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