Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds Review

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There are certain people that enjoy buying the best of the best, no matter what the product category is.  For these people, price is not necessarily an issue. Others enjoy splurging and buying quality items for special occasions.  Poppy_icculus is an eBay seller that caters to this premium market.  This is a complete post dedicated to reviewing Poppy_icculus poppy seeds.

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poppy_icculus poppy seeds review

This is a full analysis and review of Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds.  I rate several categories below, and I include an overall score at the bottom.  I have also included links below to purchase these amazing poppy seeds.  I hope you enjoy!

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Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds: Quality

5 / 5

I have purchased several brands of unwashed poppy seeds, and very rarely am I blown away with quality.  The quality of these seeds was amazing, which expected due to the high price (more on that below).  I currently purchase these poppy seeds for special occasions, and they have never been disappointed!  As a result, I have decided to score these poppy seeds in this category.

Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds: Price

3 / 5

The price for Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds is much higher than other poppy seeds, and this includes the big brands like FTL Poppy Seeds sourced from England.  There is a reason that these poppy seeds are more expensive; they are much higher quality.  I rated them a 3 out of 5 in this category, because they are so expensive.

Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds: Consistency

4 / 5

I haven’t been purchasing these poppy seeds as long as I have purchased other brands, but I have been pleased every time.  I went ahead and scored the consistency a 4 out of 5, and I will increase or decrease the score after future purchases.

Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds: Reliability

4 / 5

I score reliability based on the brand providing accurate item descriptions and following through on shipping dates, etc.  As stated above, I have purchased poppy seeds from Poppy_icculus several times over the past year for special occasions.  Each time, the company has been extremely reliable and trustworthy.  The provided an excellent product that matched the item descriptions.  As a result, I scored this seller a 4 in this category as well.

Poppy_icculus: Customer Service

5 / 5

One of the reasons I enjoy purchasing unwashed poppy seeds on eBay is because they are more responsive than the bigger brands.  I usually do not announce to the sellers that I own this website prior to my purchase, so I get a taste of how they treat regular customers.  This vendor follows this trend and does not disappoint.  They are quick to respond to all messages and will answer questions in a quick and efficient manner.

Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds: Overall Score

4.2 / 5

The overall score is calculated by taking an average score of the other factors.  I consider anything above a 4.5 as excellent.  This score reflects a solid company providing excellent unwashed poppy seeds. You should definitely only purchase these poppy seeds if you have the money or are looking for unwashed poppy seeds for a special occasion.  Their Poppy Seeds are excellent, and I have included a link below.

Purchase Poppy_Icculus Unwashed Poppy Seeds

I have provided the eBay links below for you to purchase unwashed poppy seeds from poppy_icculus.  Feel free to message me with any questions or issues.

poppy_icculus ebay poppy seeds

5 Pounds of High Grade Tasmanian Unwashed Poppy Seeds – $189 + S&H

1 Pound of Tasmanian High Grade Unwashed Poppy Seeds – $40 + S&H


I hope that this post has helped you discover that Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds are excellent unwashed seeds.  You should continue to purchase these poppy seeds, because they are very high quality.  I save them for special occasions!

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Poppy_Icculus Poppy Seeds: Comments

Have you tried Poppy_Icculus Poppy Seeds?  What would you rate them overall?  Do you agree with this extensive review and analysis?  Your comments help the PSTR Community continue its explosive growth.

Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds: A Complete Analysis and Review
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Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds: A Complete Analysis and Review
This a complete analysis and review of Poppy_icculus Poppy Seeds. Poppy_icculus is 1 of the best vendors on eBay. Purchase these poppy seeds here.
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