Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea: A Detailed Analysis & Review

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Sincerely Nuts (United Kingdom) is one of the most popular brands of unwashed poppy seeds on the market.  This brand is considered the one of the best and is known for supplying high quality unwashed seeds.  The price is consistently higher than some of the other brands, but most poppy tea consumers still think it is well worth the price.  Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea is very bitter, and its flavor is evidence of the powers it holds.

This review has been updated as of March 10, 2018.  I will continue to update this review and all of my other poppy seed reviews, as necessary.

I had to change this review recently, because Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds are one of the few brands left on the market that are trustworthy.  They had suffered a rough patch that lasted around 6 months, but they are back to being at the top.  The timing was great, because one of the other popular brands, We Got Nuts, has been sold out and has faced severe stock issues.  I highly recommend Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds, and the quality is some of the best of 2017.  I am very happy with this brand.  You can read more about my love for Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea below.

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sincerely nuts unwashed poppy seeds


This section is an overview of Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea.  It is important to know some of the main facts of this huge brand of poppy seeds before reading the review.

After you read this review, you should read my ranked list of the best poppy seeds for tea.  I currently keep this list updated on a bi-weekly basis.

Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea History

Many people were introduced to poppy seed tea through the brand of bob’s Red Mill (BRM).  Bob’s red mill poppy seeds used to be at the top of unwashed poppy seeds in terms of quality.  They were easy to find back before the convenience of shopping online exploded.  BRM seeds could be found at most grocery stores.  All of a sudden, Bob’s red mill quality dropped like a rock.  This sent people scrambling for another brand to take its place.

Sincerely Nuts became the trusted brand for people that love unwashed poppy seeds.  It was found online rather than grocery stores, but internet shopping was beginning to take off.  Sincerely Nuts quickly became the biggest supplier of quality unwashed poppy seeds on Amazon.  The held this position for 2+ years.  This reign temporarily came to an end in late 2016.  The brand began selling lower quality seeds, and this lasted until the late summer of 2017.  In September 2017, the quality of Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea skyrocketed.  The poppy seeds went back to being amazing, and many people had forgotten how good Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea can be.

Recent Inconsistencies in other Brands

During the temporary lapse in the quality of Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea, another brand attempted to take its place.  We Got Nuts (WGN) increased in quality, and became one of the top suppliers of unwashed poppy seeds.  People enjoyed the WGN seeds because they were cheaper than other brands.  The quality of We Got Nuts poppy seeds surpassed many other brands.  We Got Nuts Poppy Seeds recently became average, but it was around the same time that Sincerely Nuts surged and became amazing.  These inconsistencies were one of the main reasons that I started reviewing these poppy seeds in detail.  You can read more about the WGN fall from grace on my We Got Nuts Poppy Seed Review.


The recently surge in quality of Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds has caused me to start recommending these poppy seeds again.  This is currently one of my favorite brands, and it has been much easier to find it in stock recently.

Sincerely Nuts Whole Blue Poppy Seeds 4.5lb Bag (United Kingdom)

Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea: Quality

4.5 / 5

Sincerely Nuts quality is back, baby!  We are all fortunate that this brand has gone back to providing amazing unwashed poppy seeds.  Many people had become accustomed to lower quality seeds, so this recent batch of amazing poppy seeds has surprised them.  These seeds are still a bit below the best unwashed seeds that were in stock this time last year, but they are still really good.  Sincerely Nuts poppy seeds are currently the some of the best on the market, but there are a few other brands that are selling high quality unwashed poppy seeds as well.

I cover some of these other brands on my Best eBay Poppy Seeds List.

Sincerely  Nuts Poppy Seeds: Price

4 / 5

Sincerely Nuts is more expensive than some other brands, but they are high quality and worth the price.  Other reviewers agree that it is definitely worth the price to obtain the best, and Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea is really good.  I went ahead and rated them a 4 in this category, because they could sell these seeds for a lower price.  Currently, there is no reason to lower the price, so I doubt this will happen.  Hopefully they will not raise prices again.  If they do, i will change this score accordingly.

Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea: Consistency

4 / 5

I had rated this brand a 5 until the temporary inconsistency in quality that lasted until September 2017.  They appear to be back selling quality poppy seeds consistently, which is why I rated this category a 4.  If they continue selling top notch seeds for another couple of months, I will increase the score in this category.  Until then, they will stay at a solid 4.

Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds: Reliability

4 / 5

I view reliability as the company providing accurate product descriptions and following through on shipping dates, etc.  I have purchased from Sincerely Nuts many times, and each time, they have been extremely reliable.  This was previously another big strength of this company, but they had some issues during the Great English Poppy Seed Shortage of 2017.  I know of several verified accounts that stated that Sincerely Nuts marketed and sold their seeds as English, but they actually packaged low quality Spanish poppy seeds.  These cases happened for an extremely small window of time, but it is disturbing that it happened at all.  Hopefully this was a one time occurrence, and they have learned their lesson.  It can be difficult to focus on reliability when a company is selling as many products as SN, but they have done a pretty good job overall.  I suggest purchasing through Amazon because they keep prices low and offer fast shipping.  I have included Amazon links at the bottom of this post.

Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds: Adequate Stock

4.5 / 5

I had previously rated this brand a 3.5 in this category, but I decided to increase it because they have done a much better job of keeping their seeds in stock. It will be interesting to see if they continue keeping their products in stock.  I’m sure it will become more difficult as they go back to selling a ton of products.  Hopefully they have an extremely large supply!

Sincerely Nuts: Company Culture

4 / 5

I don’t know very much about the Sincerely Nuts culture internally. What I do know is that they are nuts about selling high quality products.  The company seems to primarily focus on providing healthy products to enhance overall health and wellness.  I definitely can’t find anything wrong with that.  Most of the time I have interacted with the company has been pleasurable with 1-2 exceptions.  They are sometimes slow to response, and one time I never received a response.  They also seem to speak English as their primary language which can be rare these days.

Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds: Customer Service

5 / 5

I have only had to contact the company twice over the past 3 years, which is a testament to their great product. I most recently contacted them one week ago due to one of my packages arriving damaged.  They were extremely quick to respond, and they immediately offered to reship my purchase.  I have read a few reviews online that have stated SN has poor customer service.  This has definitely not been the case for me.  If anything changes, I will update this category appropriately.

Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea: Overall Score

4.4 / 5

The overall score is calculated by taking an average score of the other factors.  I consider anything above a 4.5 as absolutely excellent.  This score reflects a great company providing quality unwashed poppy seeds.  I highly recommend these poppy seeds, and I hope you try them to see for yourself.  The only regret you will experience is for waiting so long to purchase them!

Purchase Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds

Sincerely Nuts Whole Blue Poppy Seeds 4.5lb Bag (United Kingdom)

It is important to remember that this review is for Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds (United Kingdom).  This means that the seeds are sourced from the United Kingdom.  SN also sells seeds sourced from other countries (Spain, Holland, etc.) that are poor quality.  Only purchase United Kingdom or English seeds.  I make this easy by including the correct link to purchase directly on Amazon.  I always suggest purchasing poppy seeds on Amazon for several reasons.  Sincerely Nuts has several size options that are available for purchase.  The most popular and economical is the 4.5 pound bag.  The quality is high enough that this bag will last everyone a while.  I have included a link above to purchase the 4.5 pound package of Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds (UK) directly on Amazon.

You can see my ranked list of the best poppy seeds for tea.  I update this list on a weekly basis.


I have recently completed a video review for these amazing poppy seeds.  You can see my short Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea Review below:


Since Sincerely Nuts is thankfully producing high quality unwashed poppy seeds again, I highly recommend them.  They are having issues keeping them in stock on Amazon.  i would recommend Food to Live if you can’t find Sincerely Nuts in Stock on Amazon!

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Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea: Comments

Do you have experiences with Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea?  Please share comments and questions below!

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8 Replies to “Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Tea: A Detailed Analysis & Review”

  1. I disagree completely. I just received a 3lbs bag of SN this evening (October 24, 2017). And I only used 1 cups worth of these seeds to make my tea. In less than 15 min the water was completely brown and dark yellow. The liquid is also extremely bitter. And as usual, the effects are unmatched by any other brand of unwashed seeds. There’s a reason they can’t keep SN in stock on Amazon, because they are the best and always have been. These seeds are so much better than their supposed competition that they really can’t be compared. FTL, Nut Cravings, WGN, and BRM are not even close to what you get with this stuff. I just finished a bag of FTL and the first washes weren’t even as strong and the second wash off these SN seeds! They are expensive and are getting increasingly hard to find, but they are worth the extra time, money, and effort. You’ll know where you’re money went with SN.

  2. I just received the 3 lb bag of Sincerely Nuts whole blue poppy seeds (United Kingdom – exp. 8/10/18) from Amazon and I’ve got to say, the quality is once again exceedingly good. I was able to make 3 washes in total from 1 cup of seeds, the third still being very legitimate. The first two had that dark milky-yellow, tannish hue that one comes to know and love. There’s been so much confusion on Amazon lately about the quality of these seeds, but in terms of my recent experience, the seeds are killer. Order date: 12/2/12. Thought this might serve as a helpful update to the Sincerely Nuts saga. As always, thanks for continuing to bring the knowledge, Mike.

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