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I always suggest buying unwashed poppy seeds online, but many people ask me if they can be found locally.  One of the main health food stores in America is Sprouts, and it is expanding rapidly.  I created this post to help review the quality of Sprouts unwashed poppy seeds.  Unwashed poppy seeds can be used for several purposes, including baking and making poppy seed tea.

I suggest reading my detailed List of the Best Poppy Seeds for Tea.

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These are the brands of poppy seeds sold at most local Sprouts stores:

  1. Bob’s Red Mill
  2. Spice Hunter Small Bottles
  3. Simply Organic Small Bottles
  4. Sprouts Small Bottles
  5. Bulk Poppy Seeds

Bob’s Red Mill
Bob’s Red Mill Poppy Seeds – 8 Ounce

Bob’s Red Mill Poppy Seeds are usually sold in one lb packages.  These seeds are labeled as unwashed.  A few years ago, this was a good brand of unwashed poppy seeds.  Unfortunately, the quality has gone downhill.  I would give them an overall rating of 3/5.  They will work in a pinch, but they aren’t that great.

Spice Hunter Small Bottles

The Spice Hunter Poppy Seeds, Dutch, Whole, 2.4-Ounce Jar

The Spice Hunter Poppy Seeds are also labeled as unwashed.  These poppy seeds are Dutch.  The bottles are 2.4 ounces, and they are fairly pricey.  Last year, these seeds were pretty good.  Something changed about six months ago, and the seeds are now complete garbage.  I would give these an overall score of 1/5.

Simply Organic Small Bottles

Simply Organic Poppy Seed Whole Certified Organic, 3.81-Ounce Container


I’m not going to waste my time writing a detailed review of this brand.  These are not unwashed, 0/5 overall score.

Sprouts Small Bottles

These small bottles are also pretty much worthless.  Same as above, 0/5 overall score.

Bulk Poppy Seeds

Out of all of the poppy seeds listed above, the bulk option is the one that holds the best promise.  The quality of the seeds in the bulk poppy seed jars and bins can vary widely, even between local stores.  If you would like to try these out, I suggest buying a small amount.  You can test them to check quality, and buy more if desired.  I can’t give these an accurate score because they can vary so widely, so I’ll give a range of 2-4/5 overall score.

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Better Unwashed Poppy Seeds

There are much better poppy seed brands that you can purchase online.  I always suggest purchasing seeds on Amazon.  I have decided to include one of the most popular poppy seed brands below:

Sincerely Nuts Whole Blue Poppy Seeds 3LB Bag

This is the 3 lb package of Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seeds.  This is one of the most popular brands.  These seeds are great and they are extremely cheap, especially when purchased in this large package size.  You can read my full Sincerely Nuts Poppy Seed Review for more information.


Many of the brands of poppy seeds sold at Sprouts are a complete waste of time and money.  The best option is usually the bulk poppy seed jar or bin.  Not all stores sell bulk poppy seeds, so you will have to verify they are in stock.  I suggest purchasing We Got Nuts Poppy Seeds on Amazon.

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Sprouts Unwashed Poppy Seeds: Comments

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Sprouts Unwashed Poppy Seeds: A Review
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Sprouts Unwashed Poppy Seeds: A Review
Discover the quality of Sprouts Unwashed Poppy Seeds. Sprouts is a health food market that is expanding rapidly. A complete review of their seeds.
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