The Drought is Over….

poppy seed update

Hello everyone!  I wanted to take the time to write a post updating the current status of:

  1. The PSTR Community Update
  2. Unwashed Poppy Seed Availability

This will be a less formal version of many of our informative guides that make up this amazing web based resource.  With all of that being said, I believe it is time to get started…. Continue reading “The Drought is Over….”

Best Canada Poppy Seeds

best canada poppy seeds


Many American members of this community have struggled to find the best poppy seeds available in the states.  I created my List of the Top Poppy Seeds to help solve that issue.  Unfortunately, our brothers to the North have continued to have the same issue.  I’ve spent the last year searching for the Best Canada Poppy Seeds.  I discovered that the brands that ship to Canada are few and far between.  I am now confident that I have found the Best Canada Poppy Seeds, and I will detail them in this post.

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Sincerely Nuts Spain Poppy Seeds Review

sincerely nuts spain poppy seeds


Sincerely Nuts is a company that is well-known in the poppy seed world.  This company is based out of NYC and sells many different types of nuts and seeds.  The Sincerely Nuts Spain Poppy Seeds is just one variety of the poppy seeds that they sell.

Check out the related review for their higher quality Sincerely Nuts English Poppy Seeds.

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Nodding Turtle Poppy Seeds Review

nodding turtle poppy seeds


The current price levels of poppy seeds have sent people searching for alternative brands selling high quality unwashed seeds.  Many experienced seed purchasers are already familiar with Nodding Turtle Poppy Seeds, but many people are still unfamiliar with this independent brand.  Over the past few months, I have received several requests to review Nodding Turtle Poppy Seeds.  I had always planned on reviewing Nodding Turtle Poppy Seeds, but recent concerning emails forced me to take action earlier.  These negative email reviews lead me to purchase these poppy seeds myself in order to test the quality of Nodding Turtle Poppy Seeds.  I have included my detailed analysis of these poppy seeds below.  As I have stated in several places on this website, one of my main goals is to help you save money on unwashed poppy seeds and avoid getting ripped off.  I hope that you are able to read this post prior to ordering these poppy seeds to help me follow this goal.

Discover my separate post that contains a Top List of the Best eBay Poppy Seeds.

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Blue Bird Poppy Seeds

blue bird unwashed poppy seeds


Due to the recent increase in prices for some of the larger brands, many members have been emailing me in search of a reliable vendor of unwashed poppy seeds.  There is one brand that has continually set itself apart from all of its competitors, and it is Blue Bird Poppy Seeds.  These are great English poppy seeds at a reasonable price.  Learn more about the great Blue Bird Poppy Seeds in my detailed review below.  I include a link for purchase as well.

blue bird poppy seeds emblem

Blue Bird A+ Unwashed Poppy Seeds – Purchase Here

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Skittles Poppy Seeds Review

skittles poppy seeds


Increasing prices for unwashed poppy seeds have caused people to explore other brand options.  The big brands have also had a recent variance in quality.  As a result, I have started reviewing other vendors of unwashed poppy seeds.  One of the most popular vendors of unwashed poppy seeds on eBay is Skittles.  I have dedicated this post to reviewing Skittles Poppy Seeds.  It includes links below to purchase Skittles Poppy Seeds on eBay.

Discover the reasons for the recent price increases in my post titled Price of Unwashed Poppy Seeds. Continue reading “Skittles Poppy Seeds Review”

Regal Poppy Seeds Review


The current shortage of unwashed poppy seeds has led some people to look for alternate brands.  Price increases have also led others to search for cheaper unwashed poppy seeds.  One of the common brands found on Google is Regal Poppy Seeds.  I have had several people ask me about this brand of unwashed poppy seeds, so I have decided to create this Regal Poppy Seeds Review. Continue reading “Regal Poppy Seeds Review”

Spanish Poppy Seeds Review

spanish poppy seeds


I have had several comments and emails lately regarding Spanish Poppy Seeds.  One of the popular brands of poppy seeds has switched from seeds sourced from England to poppy seeds sourced from Spain.  The shortage of poppy seeds from England due to a late and poor harvest was the reason they switched sources.  The price for Spanish Poppy Seeds is lower, but you need to read the guide below before attempting to purchase.

This post does not contain medical advice, and I do not recommend consuming large amounts of poppy seeds.  This can be addictive and dangerous, especially if combined with other drugs.  make sure to consult with your doctor before consuming unwashed poppy seeds.  Better safe than sorry 🙂

Check out my List of the Best Unwashed Poppy Seeds for Tea in my related post. Continue reading “Spanish Poppy Seeds Review”

Makoseeds Poppy Seeds Review

makoseeds poppy seeds


Many people are searching for high quality unwashed poppy seeds, and it is causing shortages on some popular online marketplaces like Amazon.  One of the main goals for this PSTR Community is to serve as a free resource for people to find the best unwashed poppy seeds.  With this in mind, I have started to extend my search of unwashed poppy seeds and providing new extensive reviews.  I am now starting to renew popular poppy seed vendors on eBay.  This is my first complete review of an eBay vendor’s unwashed poppy seeds.  This post is a detailed review and analysis for Makoseeds Poppy Seeds.  I include a link at the bottom of this post to purchase Makoseeds Poppy Seeds directly!

You can read my full list of the Best eBay Poppy Seeds on my popular post. Continue reading “Makoseeds Poppy Seeds Review”