Poppy Seed Tea Constipation

poppy seed tea constipation


If you have been consuming poppy seed tea for an extended period of time, chances are that you are familiar with Poppy Seed Tea Constipation.  It can be a difficult and painful experience that can lead to serious medical issues.  This unpleasant side effect is shared with opiate prescriptions as well.  Fortunately, there are simple methods for reducing Poppy Seed Tea Constipation.  I share the details regarding Poppy Seed Tea Constipation below, and I also include the simple ways to help make put your digestive system back to its natural rhythm.

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Poppy Seed Tea Weight Loss

poppy seed tea weight loss


Many poppy seed tea connoisseurs have already discovered that regular consumption can lead to weight gain.  A few lucky individuals actually experience Poppy Seed Tea Weight Loss instead.  This is another post that continues my theme of detailing specific side effects of poppy seed tea.  It is important to take these side effects into consideration prior to consuming this powerful tea.  Learn all of the main factors contributing to Poppy Seed Tea Weight Loss on this detailed post.  It is important to remember that Poppy Seed Tea Weight Loss is not a healthy way to lose weight.  There are much better ways to get healthy and burn fat, including regular exercise.

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Poppy Seed Tea Weight Gain

poppy seed tea weight gain


Many regular consumers of poppy seed tea have discovered the effects that it can have on weight.  Most people actually gain weight as a result of drinking poppy seed tea.  This post continues my recent theme of going into detail about some of the important side effects of poppy seed tea.  Learn all of the main facts of Poppy Seed Tea Weight Gain on this detailed post.  I also include methods for minimizing Poppy Seed Tea Weight Gain.

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Poppy Seed Tea Sleep

poppy seed tea sleep


I have already written an extensive post summarizing the different poppy seed tea effects, but I decided that it would be beneficial to go into greater detail about Poppy Seed Tea Sleep.  Poppy seed tea effects consumers in different ways, and the impact of poppy seed tea on sleep can vary from person to person.  Poppy seed tea often affects the restorative phase of sleep in a negative way, which I also discuss below.  Learn more about Poppy Seed Tea Sleep on this post! Continue reading “Poppy Seed Tea Sleep”

Poppy Seed Tea Onset

poppy seed tea onset


Many people that are new to consuming poppy seed tea are unsure of the Poppy Seed Tea Onset.  I have received several emails from new members asking how long it takes to feel the effects of poppy seed tea.  I decided to make a complete post detailing Poppy Seed Tea Onset.  It is important to educate yourself as much as possible regarding the timing of the effects of poppy seed tea.  This can help avoid dangerously consuming too much of this powerful tea.

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Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates


The recent price increases for unwashed poppy seeds have sent people looking for ways to reduce the amount that they consume.  There are several methods to potentiate or increase the strength and duration of poppy seed tea.  This post is dedicated to Agmatine to Potentiate Opiates.

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Poppy Thebaine

poppy thebaine


Most people are familiar with the two primary opiate compounds found in Poppy Seed Tea, morphine and codeine.  Both of these compounds can be obtained via prescription medications in most countries.  There is another compound that is found in the poppy plant that is less familiar, and it is thebaine.  This post is dedicated to providing information on Poppy Thebaine, a potentially toxic opiate found in Poppy Seed Tea.

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Poppy Seed Tea Taste

poppy seed tea taste


I wanted to take a minute before talking about the Poppy Seed Tea Taste to thank everyone for supporting this community.  The PSTR website is currently experiencing explosive growth.  I couldn’t have imagined how fast it would grow in less than 6 months!  I know that it is all because we have so many valuable members that really care.  I sincerely appreciate you all spreading the word and helping me add to this amazing and free resource.  Your support helps me going, so thanks!

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Poppy seed tea is a popular herbal tea that is becoming increasingly popular as people look for alternatives to prescription opiates.  This tea is known for its characteristic bitter taste.  Many people detest the taste of poppy seed tea, especially when they are just beginning.  Some people actually start to like the taste of the tea over time, even without adding sweeteners.  This post is dedicated to detailing the Poppy Seed Tea Taste.  It also includes ways to improve and enhance Poppy Seed Tea Taste.

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Poppy Seeds in Bulk

poppy seeds in bulk


As poppy seed tea continues to explode in popularity, many people are continually looking for the best places and methods for purchasing poppy seeds.  The best way to save money is to buy high quality Poppy Seeds in Bulk.  There are several places to buy great unwashed seeds in bulk, but you have to know where to look.  I have spent a huge amount of time explaining all aspects of poppy seeds, and  I have dedicated this entire post to detailing where to purchase Poppy Seeds in Bulk. Continue reading “Poppy Seeds in Bulk”